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Applications | June 6, 2024

H6 Item Name Directory

H6 Item Name Directory Information

The H6 is the Item Name Directory that are in use for NSN assignment. It defines the names and cross references the Item Name Codes (INC) and FSC (Federal Supply Classes). It is used by both internal catalogers and outside customers and each INC provides an Item Identification Guide on how NSNs can answer characteristic data about items categorized under that specific Item Name.

The H6 Item Name Directory:

  • Defines item names
  • Cross-references them to Item Name Codes (INC) and Federal Supply Classes (FSC)

You may search  the H6 by:

  • Keyword
  • FSC
  • Federal Item Identification Guide (FIIG)
  • INC

The (PDF Download and open in Acrobat) is available online and, upon completion, the National Codification Bureau’s (International partners) can email the AC-135 PDF to

Domestic (USA) Services and Agencies must submit their Characteristics Requests using the DD180 Item Name Collaboration Action Request form via Electronic Cataloging System (ECAT).  

Please follow the steps below when submitting your DD180 in ECAT:

  • Choose “Update and Existing NSN”
  • Chose the appropriate Subtype (choices provided in a dropdown)
  • Enter all zero’s for the NIIN (Characteristic Requests should not be directly tied to a NIIN)
  • Attach the DD180 and add contact information

The H6 system contains:

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