Demilitarization (DEMIL) Instructions

Department of Defense (DOD) Demilitarization (DEMIL) Coding Management Office (DDCMO)
DEMIL Challenge Request Form Instructions

All individuals or organizational representatives electing to challenge a DEMIL Code listed on a National Stock Number (NSN) or challenge an item as being sensitive/non-sensitive to National Security may use the online web form (PDF, download and open in Acrobat) to submit a Challenge request. The submitter shall complete the form as completely and as accurately as possible. All mandatory blocks on the DEMIL Challenge Request must have an entry. Failure to provide required information in the mandatory fields will prevent the user from submitting the form electronically via the web, and could significantly delay a timely response.

In addition to providing the mandatory information the submitter shall provide as much supporting rationale and documentation (technical data, drawings) or other industry standards to substantiate their cited justification. A clear text field is provided for the inclusion of any narrative data such as identification of the next higher assembly, end items identification, associated contract numbers, or other pertinent information. All supporting documentation and/or pictures of the item being challenged may be sent via email to

Form Field Details

  1. Name: This field is mandatory. Fill in complete name. This should be the name of the individual who is submitting the form.
  2. Phone: This field is mandatory. If submitter is providing a DSN (Government) number, fill in the letters DSN. If the phone number is a commercial number, include area code and number. The extension field is not mandatory.
  3. Service/Agency: This field is not mandatory; however inclusion of governmental service/agency identification can help to facilitate a priority response.
  4. Email Address: This field is mandatory. Please provide valid e-mail address for coordination purposes.
  5. National Stock Number or National Item Identification Number (NIIN): NSN Format XXXX-XX-XXX-XXXX, NIIN Format XX-XXX-XXXX
  6. Part Number/CAGE Code: These fields are not mandatory fields; however inclusion of a Part Number and CAGE could help to expedite your Challenge request.
  7. End Item: This field is not mandatory; however, please provide the designation of the end item or weapons system platform identification for which the challenged NSN is used on (e.g. Cannon AE-1 printer, F-15E aircraft, M1A1 Abrams Tank, AN/ALQ-151 countermeasures set, etc.)
  8. Next Higher Assembly (NHA): This field is not mandatory; however, please provide the next higher assembly (nomenclature and/or Part Number) for which the challenged NSN is used on or with. Inclusion of this information will help to expedite your Challenge request.
  9. Current DEMIL Code in FLIS: This field is a mandatory field. Provide the current Demil code as recorded in the Federal Logistics Information System (FLIS) or Federal Logistics Data (FEDLOG).
  10. DEMIL Code You Recommend: This field is a mandatory field. Provide the Demil code that the submitter recommends. See DoDM 4100.39, volume 10, table 38 or DoDM 4160.28, Volume 2, for DEMIL code explanations and requirements.
  11. DoDM 4160.28 Volume 2 or Export Administration Justification: DoDM 4160.28 Volume 2 or Export Administration Justification: This is not a mandatory field. If the submitter is using the DoDM 4160.28, Volume 2, Demilitarization Coding as justification then the appropriate category and paragraph fields should be used. A valid DoDM 4160.28, Volume 2 justification is required by the DDCMO for recommended Demil codes of B, C, D, E, F, G or P. If the submitter is recommending a DEMIL code of Q, then the appropriate Export Control Classification Number (ECCN) is published in 15 CFR, part 774 (Commerce control List) should be filled in.
  12. Rationale to Support DEMIL Recommendation: This is a mandatory field. This clear text field is provided for the submitter to provide any and all rational to substantiate the justification provided. The submitter is encouraged to provide as much supporting rational, history, or pertinent facts as possible. Technical Data, Specification or Standards, or pictures of the item can and should be provided via E-mail as shown above.
  13. Follow up Inquiries: The submitter should allow a minimum of 10 days for the DLA Logistics Information Services DemilChallenge team to process the DEMIL Challenge request. To make an inquiry of the status of the Demil Challenge you have submitted, you may submit an e-mail to (Subject: Follow-up request for NSN XXXX-XX-XXX-XXXX or NIIN XX-XXX-XXXX)