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NATO Codification System (NCS)

The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) Codification System (NCS) is:

United States (U.S.) National Codification Bureau (NCB):

  • Serves as the principal advisor and assistant to the Director of Logistics Data Directorate and the Logistics Information Services Director in providing cataloging services in support of allied defense ministries.
  • Serves as the U.S. NCB representative to NATO AC/135's Main Group, Panel A and Budget and Strategic Planning Committees.
  • Collaborates on NATO Codification System Policy and Procedure with AC/135 Partner Nations.
  • Provides codification and liaison services to U.S. activities for items produced by AC/135 Partner Nations and to the AC/135 Partner Nations on items produced in the U.S.
  • Acts as the U.S. representative between U.S. Government and national and international industry.
  • Assists nations with establishing Foreign Military Sales (FMS) cases for cataloging services and logistics data publications.
  • Acts as the AC/135 representative at the Federal Cataloging Commission (FCC) to deal with all aspects of cataloging and logistics, internationally and nationally.

Logistics Information Services:

  • Provides National Stock Number (NSN) assignments and performs maintenance for items of supply design controlled in the U.S.
  • Is the custodian for a number of cataloging tools used throughout the NCS, including the supply classification and Item Identification Guides (IIG).
  • Processes requests by U.S. Military Services and civil agencies for assignment of non-U.S. NSNs by the other AC/135 Partner Nations.

Contact the United States (U.S.) NCB at for further North Atlantic Treaty organization (NATO) codification training opportunities.