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What DLA Offers

The Defense Logistics Agency manages the end-to-end global defense supply chain – from raw materials to end user disposition – for the five military services, 11 combatant commands, other federal, state and local agencies partner and allied nations.

Working with DLA

Learn how to do business with various organizations within DLA and DLA's Major Subordinate Commands throughout the world.

Customer Support

The DLA Customer Interaction Center (CIC) is your “One Call Resolution” point of contact for all logistics issues related to DLA. We’re here for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, including government holidays.

Commonly Used Applications

Explore a full list of DLA applications including access to application suites such as FedMallEEBP, DAAS, and PIEE.

About DLA

DLA’s mission is to “deliver readiness and lethality to the Warfighter Always and support our nation through quality, proactive global logistics.” DLA accomplishes this with a staff of about 25,000 employees divided into major subordinate commands, regional commands and other directorates.

DLA News

Enterprisewide | June 2, 2023

ACOR to bring deployment skill training to Battle Creek

This summer’ expeditionary readiness will help get civilian property disposal personnel and new agency reserve military members “back to basics” on reverse logistics know-how.

Enterprisewide | June 2, 2023

DLA Distribution San Joaquin adds E-ration to its distribution repertoire

DLA Distribution San Joaquin, California, employees started to pack, store and ship express rations in support of DLA Troop Support requirements in May 2023. E-Rations, utilized by the Marine Corps and the Army, replace the need for kitchen equipment

Enterprisewide | June 1, 2023

Ogden’s “Mr. Fitness” proves age is just a number

At first glance, you would never guess Terry Baldwin, with his chiseled frame, is not some sort of comic book superhero.

Enterprisewide | June 1, 2023

Digital-Business Transformation focuses on modernizing technology, processes through lifespan

Gone are the days when DLA IT specialists linked logisticians to systems and then tinkered for workarounds or customizations when system and business processes clashed. Now, the agency is modernizing IT tools and reengineering business

Enterprisewide | May 30, 2023

DLA R&D and the Navy Postgraduate School visit DLA Distribution Norfolk

Defense Logistics Agency Distribution Norfolk, Virginia, hosted staff from DLA Research & Development’s strategic distribution and disposition team, DLA Distribution Headquarters and the Naval Postgraduate School.


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