Department of Defense (DOD) Demilitarization (DEMIL) Coding Management Office (DDCMO)
Points of Contact (POC)

DSN:  661-5763
Comm: 269-961-5763                                                                               

DEMIL Challenge Program                                                           
(DLA Disposition Services HQ and Field sites POC to use for challenge inquiries)
DSN: 661-5611
Comm: 269-961-5611

DEMIL Review Team                                                                   
(Military Services POC on collaboration or status of DEMIL code updates on National Stock Numbers)
DSN: 661-4710
Comm: 269-961-4710

DEMIL Special Projects Team                                                    
(Law Enforcement Support, Special Investigation Updates, or divesting projects BEFORE physical turn in)
DSN: 661-5198
Comm: 269-961-5198

For any other DEMIL related inquiries, please email: