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Maintenance Services — Mechanicsburg, PA
Comm: 717.550.3303 / 3195 / 3196
DSN:       392-550-3303 / 3195 / 3196
FAX:        717.550.3243

IPE Maintenance Services

We provide complete and specialized retrofits, remanufactures, and repairs for all machine brands. We execute work on mechanical, electrical, hydraulic and pneumatic machine systems to include the following:

  • Digital Readouts
  • Spindle Drive Systems
  • Programmable Controls
  • Manual Data Input
  • Computer Numerical Controls (CNC)

Condition Assessments

  • Preventive maintenance condition assessments thoroughly examine the internal and external operations of your machine, including the lubrication systems. We inspect, clean and adjust critical components, report on machine condition, and problem areas for customer information.

On-site Services & Equipment Repair

  • On-Site Services
    We offer maintenance teams that have the capability to provide global support to  Department of Defense (DoD) activities. Our experienced workforce is proficient at repairing, rebuilding, retrofitting, relocating, and installing metalworking machinery anywhere in the world.

  • Ready For Issue Program
    We maintain several popular, high demand machine tools that have been rebuilt and retrofitted by our DLA Aviation Maintenance Depot, Mechanicsburg, PA. These machines have been packed, preserved and are ready for shipping.
    NOTE:  These machines are available to U.S. Government Agencies only.

Other Services

  • Single machine or complete shop relocations (turnkey).
  • Shop design layouts – Computer Aided Design (CAD) drawings.
  • PCB testing & decontamination
  • Training
  • Technical Assistance — We possess an extensive library of hard to find industrial equipment, technical manuals, drawings, parts lists, and maintenance instructions.
  • Machine Safeguarding