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Fleet Allowance

The Fleet Allowance Program represents requirements established as specific National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA) products for U.S. Navy ships or commands to ensure successful engagement in current and anticipated missions. The supported fleets belong to US Commanders-in-Chief, Atlantic Fleet (CINCLANTFLT) or Pacific Fleet (COMPACFLT), US Military Sealift Command (MSC) and the US Coast Guard. Predetermined products are grouped together into one large requirement called a Ship Allowance. Ships allowances identify specific products required to enable the ship to meet planned mission requirements and are specifically built to match the type of ship.

Permanent Allowance

The Permanent Allowance is the mandatory quantity of products that a ship or command must hold at all times pertaining to the ships assigned in a particular Area of Responsibility (AOR). Combatant commanders define the requirements for NGA products that must be on board the ship. In addition, any deploying ships must have specific, predetermined products readily available upon deployment that are unique to the geographic area of its assigned mission. These predetermined, individual products are grouped together into one large requirement called a Ship's Allowance. A Ship's Allowance identifies specific products required to enable the ship to meet planned mission requirements and are specifically built to match the type of ship. NGA and MCO are advised by the appropriate combatant commander of the need to build an allowance for specific ships by publishing the Fleet Allowance Instructions. Notice of revisions, however, can come from an individual ship. The combatant commander will advise MCO when to activate the allowance for newly commissioned ships, for those that are completing a scheduled overhaul, or for a deploying ship.

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Deployed Allowance

The combatant commander or an individual ship notifies MCO by message or letter to activate an allowance for a deployment. Activation letters must be submitted 6 months out or no later than 90 days out prior to required delivery date. Products should arrive 30 days prior to deployment. This time frame allows for chart corrections and updates for Safety of Navigation on hydrographic products. The Deployment Allowance provides required supplemental products to augment the permanent allowance for extended operational commitments. For ships, deployment allowances support prolonged operations in a particular geographic area or AOR. Deployment Allowances support temporary and permanent requirements. All Atlantic Fleet Vessels requesting Mediterranean or Indian Ocean deployment packages will become a permanent part of the assigned allowances. When ships return from a Mediterranean and/or Indian Ocean deployment the ship must retain all products.

Activation Letter Contents

  • Must be on official DoD letterhead
  • Indicated requesting DoDAAC
  • Reference applicable Fleet Instruction pertaining to the activation request
  • Indicated the Required Delivery Date
  • Indicate a "Ship To" address
    • Building number
    • Street number and name
    • City, State and ZIP code
    • Contact person's name and telephone number
  • Indicate "Ship To" address for classified deliveries (if applicable)
  • Overall POC for request

** Mail letter to Mapping Customer Operations (see next section) and FAX a copy of letter to (804)279-6524 or DSN 695-6524 at least 6 months prior to deployment (no later than 90 days prior).

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Fleet Allowance Regulations

The following list of regulations are reference for authorizations and procedures for Fleet Allowance:

  • COMSCINST 3145.1X*
  • COMDTINST M3140.5*

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Validation (Allowance List)

The Allowance Inventory Listing can be requested from the Mapping Customer Operations or viewed on line by Account Custodians. All commands should request a copy of the list of products they receive by automatic distribution to validate their requirements. The printout is divided into eight columns. The first column lists the Product number in alphanumeric order. The second lists the Product Input Type. The third column lists the Stock Number. The fourth column is the edition number. The fifth column is the Permanent Allowance Quantity (to reduce this quantity requires the Fleet Commanders authorization). The sixth column is the Deployment Quantity. The seventh column is the Additional Quantity used to increase or decrease the amount of products being received and request additional coverage not included in the established allowance. The eighth column is the total subscription quantity. 

Requests for an updated Allowance List can be sent to Mapping Customer Operations as follows:

Official Mailing Address:

Defense Logistics Agency for Aviation
Mapping Customer Operations (DLA AVN/QAM)
6090 Strathmore Rd
Richmond, VA 23237-5339


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