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Phone:  (804) 279-6500
DSN: 695-6500
Toll Free: 1-800-826-0342

Ordering Information

For information on ordering non-standard maps please see our Non-Standard Map Orders page.

Ordering Methods

The following options are designed to guide customers towards the various automated methods that can be used to place map orders. It must be noted that the ability to place requisitions may take additional time if customers do not already have access to a DoD supply ordering system.

We encourage our customers to call us whenever they experience a problem or have a question. MCO employees can assist with all questions and handle any emergency requirements.

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Crisis Ordering

MCO can assist with any emergency requests due to crisis situations, short-notice deployments or any other unexpected development. When requesting expedited map/chart shipments in support of emergency or contingency operations, contact us initially by telephone at  804-279-6500. DSN 695-6500 or  1-800-826-0342 and we can address your particular situation.

Specific requirements for a crisis order include the following:

Once the shipment has been processed, the customer will be provided with tracking information as soon as it is available

Please note during declared crisis or contingency operations, DLA may limit issues of products to actively participating units due to the location of the crisis; quantities available; delivery location; and weight allowance according to the mode of shipment.

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Routine Ordering

Mapping Customer Operations (MCO) requires all DOD activities and federal agencies submit electronic orders via Military/Federal Standard Requisitioning and Issue Procedures (MILSTRIP/FEDSTRIP) trough the Defense Automatic Addressing System Center (DAASC). Electronic ordering will allow customers to take advantage of their intra-service or agency logistics systems to perform validation edits on orders prior to submission to MCO. This will aid in eliminating many of the errors which cause rejection or cancellation.

The preferred methods for DAAS connectivity are:

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Orders to Mapping Customer Operatons follow standard MILSTRIP/FEDSTRIP format. To find standard map order codes and details please check out our MILSTRIP/FEDSTRIP format summary sheet (PDF).

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DLA Map Catalog

The DLA Map Catalog is now available by two methods. First, it is available via routine ordering or subscription on CD-ROM. If you add your account to our subscription service the CD-ROM will be automatically shipped to you each time a new version is produced. There are two CD-ROM versions; the unclassified version (P/N CATCDNMCI/NSN 7644015433809) and the classified version (P/N CATCDCLASSIFIED/NSN 7644014784791).  The second method to obtain the catalog is to download it via a zip file on FedMall.  For more information see our Map Catalog App page at the link below.

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FedMall is also available to customers wishing to order mapping products. The website is   (CAC Required). It is relatively easy to establish an FedMall account. Since our products are provided at no cost to the customer, it is suggested that you establish your account as a MILSTRIP user. To do this, simply click on the Admin tab, and select "My Account". Fill in all requested information and then click on "Special Permissions". Click to use MILSTRIP. You will need to fill out the form that is displayed and have it signed by your supervisor to be able to place orders. Fax the form to the number indicated. The account is usually activated within 24 hours. The last step is "Express Settings". There, you will need to fill in the following information:

  • Fund Code
  • Signal Code
  • Priority Code
  • Advice Code
  • Media/Status Code
  • Demand Code

When you have completed this process and have confirmation that your account is established for MILSTRIP, you can begin shopping. This ordering system only requires input of the NSN, since your other information is already on record. If you have questions, you can call  1-877-352-2255, Option 3, Option 3, Option 1.

FedMall is Common Access Card (CAC) enabled and this allows user access to a FedMall account with a CAC or a DOD-approved Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) External Certificate Authority (ECA) digital certificate.

Customers not eligible for a CAC must obtain a Hardware Assurance Smart Card Certificate. Browser-based certificates will not be permitted. The Hardware Assurance solution requires the use of a smart card; a smart card reader; and authentication software. Additional information can be found on the FedMall website at  (CAC Required)

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Mapping Enterprise Business System (MEBS)

MEBS is the new enterprise system used by mapping to manage map accounts and inventory. This new system improves the interface for both our customers and our internal managers. Inside MEBS you can update account information and sign up for subscription services. Access to MEBS is first done through the Account Management and Provisioning System (AMPS) which takes care of the System Access Request (SAR) portion then the map account is managed in MEBS. To get status of your requisitions you will use the DLA Material Tracker  (CAC Required) or DLA Transaction Services Visual Logistics Information Processing System VLIPS  (with registration/CAC Required).

Access AMPS Here  (CAC Required)

Access MEBS Here (CAC Required)

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Mapping Customer Operations (MCO) offers a subscription service that distributes new products and new editions as they are published to customers-- with no ordering action initiated by the customer. Automatic Distribution (AD) by accessing the Mapping Enterprise Business System (MEBS) and selecting the "Subscriptions" tab or by sending written documentation to the MCO Customer Management Branch.

Here's How:

Through MEBS

  • Must be registered with access to MEBS.
  • Once into MEBS select the "Subscriptions" tab.
  • From there you can add, change or delete products whenever desired.

Written Request

  • Letters must be prepared on official letterhead.
  • E-mail requests will only be submitted by the Account Custodian or Alternate Custodian.
    • Include DODAAC.
    • NRN (NSN is optional)
    • Quantity desired.
    • Valid commercial and DSN telephone numbers.
    • Point of Contact.
    • Point of Contact e-mail address

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Our customers are able to check on the status on their requisitions to ensure actions are being taken to fulfill map orders. Access the Defense Standard System Material Tracker and enter your requisition number for the most current status of your requisitions. There is no password required for this system. The website is  (CAC Required) Contact MCO at  1-800-826-0342 if you require additional information or assistance.

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