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Non-Standard Map Products

What are non-standard maps?

Non-Standard maps are maps created by our customers with no National Stock Number (NSN), and are a non-recurring demand requirement. Many times our customers alter/customize standard NGA geospatial products or create their own map product and need those products printed.  We can print those products for you.

Is there a fee to print non-standard maps?

All Non-Standard map orders are free for all valid DODAAC holders. If at any time a customer goes directly to their local DLA Document Services facility for geospatial printing, funding will be required. Please note: Applicable fees may be required for unique features for your non-standard maps.

What options are available for printing these products?

All options are available, simply ask for what you need, and we will strive to get it done.

What do I have to do to get non-standard maps printed?  Below are the details defining the steps and process to have Non-Standard map products printed.

To order non-standard maps

The following steps are required for each request:

1.  All Non-Standard requests are submitted via email.

2.  Provide a valid DODAAC, Point of Contact (POC) name, address, and phone number in the body of the email.

Note: If a valid DODAAC is not available at time of the request, it will not delay the process.  However, a valid DODAAC will be required before map requests are delivered.

3.  Fill out and forward the Non-Standard POD Request (XLS) spreadsheet and attach it to the email.

4.  Specify the POC name, address, and phone number of who will conduct quality review of the test prints.

5.  Email your request to:

6.  DoD SAFE ( CAC Required) the digital print file with the subject "Non-Standard Map Request" and input the POC name and phone number in the file description.

 Send the print file to the following email addresses:

Order Process

Once DLA Aviation receives the Non-Standard Map Request and the AMRDEC print file. They will produce a test print and ship it to the POC to do quality review of all the geospatial specifications. Once the test prints are quality approved, we will proceed to print the full required quantity, and ship the product to the address provided.