Chemical & Petroleum Project
Gas Cylinder Project

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The Chem/POL/Gas/Cylinder Integrated Supply Team (IST) manages a variety of national stock numbers (NSNs) in various Federal Stock Groups, which include privatization contracts and kitting procurements.

The privatization contracts include: Chemical, Petroleum, Oils and Lubricants (SAIC), Gases/Cylinders (HGI), Gases/Cylinders Europe (IG&S), Gases/Cylinders Centcom (ISS), and Closed Loop Re-Refined Motor Oil (Safety-Kleen). This IST is responsible for related administrative and post-award functions.

All administrative, pre- and post-award functions for kitting commercial procurements are also a part of this IST. These procurements consist of made-to-stock kits. Kits contain multiple components which may be part numbered or NSN components and are both DLA- and non DLA-managed items. Kits are tailored to meet customers need and may contain sub-kits.

IST members perform a variety of functions such as procurement, technical/quality assurance, and chemical review.



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Armed Forces Pest Management Board:

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Green Procurements:

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CONUS Industrial Gases and Cylinders Privatization Program:

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Industrial Gas Support Program for Europe:

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CENTCOM Cylinder and Gas Support Program:

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Ozone Depleting Substances:

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