Public Notices for Abandonment and Destruction

Abandonment and Destruction (A/D) is the final step before disposing of property in a landfill.  The goal is to find a suitable and acceptable outlet for items that were previously unsuccessful in reutilization, transfer, donation, or the sales process.  Property eligible for A/D is made available to individuals willing to bid a nominal amount for the entire lot of property (e.g. $1 for all items advertised).  If there are no bidders, the lot may be given to interested persons free of charge, on a first come first serve basis, provided there are no bids received before the closing date and no eligible Public Entities requesting the property.

Below is a list of the locations and property types that are currently available for A/D.

Please select the notice to view the details of the property available, how to bid or request property free of charge,  schedule for the offerings, and site point of contact. 

Upcoming A / D Sales
Location:                             DLA Disposition Services Bragg
Property Description:          NSN 2420-01-059-0090, Tracktor (TR Clark 290 ROPS) 1 Each
Point of Contact:                 Bragg Disposal Services Representatives
Phone                                 910-748-5625 / 910-748-5605
Additional Information                
Additional References
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