Hazardous Waste Disposal


Hazardous Waste Contract Development

The DLA Disposition Services Environmental Support Branch meets with our military customers to develop a comprehensive, uniquely tailored requirement for hazardous waste disposal and support services. Disposal services include disposing of hazardous, non-hazardous, State-regulated, and Universal Wastes. Some examples of available services include industrial cleaning, various management services, laboratory analysis, hazardous waste characterization, hazardous waste profile sheet completion, lab/loose packing, and expedited removals and performance.


Hazardous Waste Disposal Contract Model

Profile-Based CLINs
Profile-Based CLINs (PBCs) are the standard disposal CLINs utilized on CONUS contracts.  PBCs are intended to give the contracting community sufficient information to make an informed decision regarding which disposal technology to utilize, to pre-determine the appropriate treatment and disposal technologies when formulating bids. Available disposal technologies might include stabilization and landfill, microencapsulation, fuels blending, recycling, destructive incineration, etc.  For containerized waste, the pricing structure is based primarily by container size, with some wastes being billed by the pound, gallon, or ‘each,’ depending on the industry standard unit of measure for disposal.
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Approved Hazardous Waste Contractors

Only contractors holding current HW disposal contracts with DLA Disposition Services or contractors offering on a solicitation may request the addition of a facility or transporter.
Contractors can request a facility or transporter be added to the qualified list, once approved they are added to the web for instant notification for all DLA Disposition Services sites.  The DLA Disposition Services reviews the facilities at least annually to update current status.  
The DLA Disposition Services has reviewed these facilities and transporters in the past and has no reason to believe that they do not meet the standards specified in the DLA Disposition Services contracts.  Inclusion of facilities and transporters to the Qualified Lists does not constitute a determination of the acceptability of these facilities for the requirements of any specific DLA Disposition Services contract or relieve the contractor of any responsibility for performing specific DLA Disposition Services contracts in accordance with each contract's terms and condition.
Hazardous Waste Contracts
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Qualified Lists

Contractors will only utilize facilities listed on the Qualified Facility List (QFL) for U.S. Government disposal or recycling services. Use of a facility for disposal or recycling services not listed on the QFL is not authorized. This list does not relieve the Contractor or their sub-contractor of any responsibilities for performing in accordance with local, State, and Federal regulations, and DLA Disposition Services contract terms and conditions.
Qualified Transporters
The Contractor will only utilize transporters listed on the Qualified Transporter List (QTL) for any transportation of U.S. Government waste. Use of a transporter not listed on the QTL is not authorized. This list does not relieve the contractor or sub-contractor of any responsibilities for performing in accordance with local, State, and Federal regulations, and DLA Disposition Services contract terms
and conditions.

If you have any questions about these lists, please email the TSDF and Transporter Inquiries at TSDFandTransporterInquiries@dla.mil


Documentation requirements for QFL additions include:


1. Complete application (DLA Form 2507-1 for initial application, or DLA Form 2507-2 for renewal)

2. Copy(s) of applicable permits

3. Proof of insurance

4. Inspection reports


Documentation requirements for QTL additions include completion of application (DLA Form 2503, Transporter Qualification form)

For TSDF and Transporter additions/approvals current disposal contract holders may submit required contract Clause H.6 documentation to or contact the respective hazardous waste disposal Contracting Officer.  Contractors that do not have a current disposal contract but wish to be approved by the DLA Disposition Services may contact a current hazardous waste disposal contract holder for submittable to the DLA Disposition Services.  Addition information may be obtained by sending an e-mail inquiry to: TSDF and Transporter Inquiries