Hazardous Turn In Services


The DLA Disposition Services sites reduce DoD's hazardous waste generations by receiving installation surplus hazardous  material.  We then attempt to find another DoD base that can use it (Reutilization) or find another federal agency that needs it (Transfer), give it to the states or authorized nonprofit organizations (Donation), sell it to environmentally responsible buyers (Sales), or see if the original manufacturer wants it back (Return to Manufacturer). 
Automated turn-in is the preferred method of document submission to the DLA Disposition Services sites, particularly for hazardous waste.  Two methods are available for automated turn-in is: GenComm and 1348 Online. 
Generator communication (GenComm) of turn-in documentation to the DLA Disposition Services sites allows the military generator, using their Hazardous Waste (HW) disposal system, to electronically (e-mail or upload) the DTID and HW Profile sheet and send it to the DLA Disposition Services sites. 
The DLA Disposition Services sites can then receive the HW and create a delivery order request for removal.  Any automated system should meet the required communications standards in order for GenCom to interface with the DLA Disposition Services sites.
Automated Turn-In of Hazardous Waste via Generator Communications (GenComm)
NOTICE: Mailbox for GenComm file submissions has been changed to "gencomm@dla.mil"