Holiday Message 2015


The Holiday season is here and it provides us with the opportunity to spend time with family and friends. As we gather around the table, let us take a moment to remember those who are not able to come home for the holidays. The warfighters, around the world protecting our freedom, do not have the luxury of spending the holiday season with their family and friends.  I want to thank you for your dedication and the hard work you continue to perform on behalf of our nation and our warfighters.

This year brought many changes to the Distribution network to include the retirement of over 273 employees totaling over 8,518 years of knowledge and experience.  I'd like to thank and congratulate the DLA Distribution Retiree Class of 2015.

Included in this list, is two of our key HQ Directors, Mr. Pat McCormick, (J3) Current Operations and Ms. Sonya Gish, Director, Distribution Process & Planning (J4).  Pat will be departing after over 38 years of service and Sonya with 30 years.   These two, along with all of the names of the employees listed below, will be sorely missed but we wish them well as they enter into a new chapter of their life. 

Additionally, we recently had the pleasure of announcing that Ms. Jane McMullen, Director, Organizational Management has been selected as the Navy's newest Senior Executive Service Member at the Naval Support Activity.  Ms. Gonzales and I are like proud parents.  Jane has a wealth of DLA Distribution knowledge that she will take back with her as she returns to the Navy.  We look forward to working with her as both organizations continue to move forward in supporting our warfighting forces.

With the new challenges and opportunities of 2016 just around the corner, I look forward to working with you as we meet those challenges and continue to celebrate our successes. 

As you travel this season, remember the importance of driving at speeds that are safe for local weather conditions, ensure proper rest prior to driving long distances and don't drink and drive -- use the designated driver to get you home after celebrating.  Using safety belts and designated drivers cannot be emphasized enough during the holiday season. Be sure to stay safe at home as well.  Prevent fires by keeping fresh trees watered and away from candles or heaters.  Also, be sure to check lights for damage. Always remember to keep safety a priority in everything you do.

Please take the time to enjoy your family and friends this holiday season.  Enjoy old traditions and make new memories.  In keeping with the holiday spirit, remember to help those in need and reach out to your senior neighbors as the weather turns colder.  Remember the reason for the Season!

From myself, Ms. Gonzales and our families, we wish a very happy holiday season to you and yours!  Thank you for all you do to provide the most effective, efficient and best value service to our warfighters!


Richard B. Dix
Brigadier General, USA
Commanding General     

Retiree Class of 2015 :

James K. Alato
Arnita R. Alexander
Shelley K. Alford
Gregory A Ancona
Perrie L. Anderson
Lorraine O. Andrews
John R. Azevedo
Ralph T. Bailey Ii
Gwen A. Baker
Kenneth E. Baker
William Baldwin
Joetta K. Banda
William R. Banks
Vincent C. Barbush
Thomas D. Barnes
Dale A. Barney
Donna S. Barrantes
Ozelle E. Barrett
Crystal M. Battle
Steven J. Baumgartner
Josephine E. Baxter
Bradley Bert
James F. Betz
Robert Blade
Louis J. Blaha Jr.
Roy T. Boutwell
Wayland T. Bowen
Bobby P. Brackeen
Mary Brock
Rita M. Brooks
Clyde E. Brown
Patricia D. Brown
Rickie W. Brown
Cecil Bruton
Mary D. Bullock
Ricky R. Burris
Sergio M. Camagong
Marvin L. Cartwright
Joseph Caskie
Evelyn K. Cervantes
James M. Chambers
Joe Chavez Jr.
Donnie J. Chenoweth
Edward E. Christian
Ethel Clark
Sandra Clark
Sheila Clark
Thomas J. Clavio
Robert L. Cleveland
Darnell J. Combo
Martha F. Connolly
William B. Cook
Quinetta L. Cope
Karen J. Corey
Linda L. Cover
Brenda Crewe
Raymond J. Crotti
Dorthy Cunningham
Laverne L. Cutolo
Charles C. Cutting
Brian J. Dacy
Terri L Dalton
Paul Darden
Barbara Davis
Dennis L. Day
Kenneth A. Decker
Brenda S. Delawder
Danilo F. Delrosario
Miguel C. Diaz-Rivera
Ralph L. Douglas
Lisa A. Ecker
Martha Eddy
Michael D. Egholm
Alfredo Escano
Jonathan H. Etzweiler
Kristy L. Farner
Sammie L. Fears
Bettye J. Ford
Teresa A. Frey
Tracey R. Frey
Kenneth E. Fry
George T. Frye
David E. Gaddy
Michael E. Galinac
Reginald L. Ganther
Wesley N. Geiger
Jeanne L. Geiling
Wendall Gibson
Cheryl L. Gipson
Sonya K. Gish
Alma B. Glass
Johnny Gomez
Scott S. Gordin
Franklin W. Gordon
Gregory L Gordon
Don B. Gossner
George G. Graham
Stephen Graham
Jeffrey L. Gray
George N. Gropsorean
William W. Groseclose
Walterio Guadalupe
Dennis Gubler
Gerald C. Guerrero
Percy Hairston
Donald R. Hamilton
Phylisa Hammontree
Barbara Hanna
Shelly Hanson
Sandra K. Harman
William T. Harris Jr.
Frederick J. Harrison
James M. Hartless
Ronald E. Jr. Heim
Michael Henderson
Patrick Henry
Deborah A. Herdrich
Wanda Herrington
Mary Ellen Hess
Patricia A. Hicks
James R. Hoffman
Leah J. Hornung
Gail K. Howe
John A. Huelsman
Dannettie Hyman
Iris Y. Imaye
Victor Jackson
James E. Jacobs
Janice M. James
Timothy James
Leo Jasper
Debra J. Johnson
Herman L. Johnson
George B. Jones
Derrick L. Jordan
Milan G. Jovic
Barbara L. Ketterman
Paul R. Ketterman
Richard L. Kresge
John D. Lambert
Michael D. Lamereaux
Shirley M. Lampley
Ronald D. Lane
Melvin Lag
Dennis A. Larabee
Larry Lawson
Lana Lewis
Tiny T. Lewis
Lester E. Light
Bruce W. Lingle
Roger D. Lord
James W. Lubold
Russell Lundquist
Chadwick E. Lundy Sr.
George W. Lushbaugh III
Roxie C. Lybrand
Carol A. MacGinnis
Robert C. Mahan
William E. Mass
Nina Markel
Phyllis Marshall
Charles E. Martin
Cheryl A. Martin
Daniel A. Martin
Marti Martin
Darlene M. McAllister
Reta G. McCullough
Randall W. McKinney
Robert L. McLaughlin
Mary E. Mello
Anne M. Melphis
Cristopher Mercado
Robert M. Mesa
Patrick H. Meskell
Daniel S. Michels
Tracey Miles
Glenn E. Miller Sr.
Blaine R. Miller
Darryl K. Miller
Judy M. Miller
Michael L. Minto
Sherre Mitten-Bell
John M. Monismith
Mary R. Montgomery
Stephen J. Montomy
Jose D. Moreno
Ricardo M. Namoca
Steven Nelson
William T. Nesbit
John A. Ney
Barbara L. Noel
Thomas C. Noggle Sr.
Bobby Offord Sr.
Dale R. Ormberg
Lawanda S. Owens
Steven J. Padilione
Gilbert A. Padilla
Roger C. Parham
David Parks Jr.
Roland Patrick
Charlesetta Patton
Arthur T. Peralta
Linda S. Perez
Marcelino S. Perez
Steven C. Phillips
Julio M. Quijano
Rose M. Ramirez
Mary E. Ramponi
Kim D. Raibemstome
Mark A. Raudebaugh
Hilliard Reese Jr.
Emerito A. Revives
John D. Rhoads
Patrick L. Richardon
Steve R. Richey
Ronald E. Rickman
Joseph D. Rinko
Rachel G. Rodriguez
James Ross
Douglas E. Rotz
Thomas E. Rowe
Felicidad Sagon
Louis J. Sanchez
Walter E. Sanchez
Michael A. Sanchez
Earnesto T. Sandoval
Maria Chiguina Santiago
Leyland Sargeant
Michael R. Schmidt
Sherrie L. Schmidt
Zachary M. Scott
Donald R. Seay
Annie L. Semo
Laverne Seymour
Joseph L. Sheffield
Ralph E. Sherwood
Vernon L. Shover
Robert D. Shreve Jr.
Gregory Shusterman
Deborah J. Smith
Garry D. Smith
Jason J. Smith
Margaret E. Smith
Patsy R. Smith
Thomas D. Smitherman
Elaine G. Snow
Alan E. Snyder
Lee E. Sparmblack Jr.
John A. Sterner
Denis L. Stout
Jacqueline L. Summers
Tyrone L. Tennant
Virginia Theinert
Cynthia L. Thompson
Edgardo Torres
Thomas G. Vanner
Yolanda L. Vazquez
Peter Ventura
Andres Villa
Harold L. Waddell Jr.
John A. Walker
Stanley E. Walker
Lee E. Walter
Vivian R. Weaver
Leslie Whittaker
William J. Wiles
Willie J. Williams
Bradley Winters
Don E. Wiser
Patricia A. Wojciechowski
Ellery Zeone
Ronald C. Zimmerman