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    DLA Distribution Susquehanna, Pa. 


                                      James M. Callis, COL, USA, Commander               Brent Barnes, Deputy Commander


CORE Beliefs – Character, Ownership, Respect, Excellence

Values – Diversity, Integrity, Accountability, Resiliency, Innovation, & Excellence

Mission – Eastern strategic distribution platform for storage and distribution supporting DoD and valued customers globally

Vision – Deliver the right solution on time, every time with

  Healthy, highly trained employees who champion safety

  and are

  United in effort and fully diverse in background

  and are fully engaged in

  Bold leadership and innovation to best support the Warfighter.


Supporting the Warfighter as DoD’s Eastern Distribution HUB”




 Truck deliveries:



2001 Normandy Dr., New Cumberland, PA 17070



The DLA Distribution Susquehanna, Pennsylvania is a dual-sited operation, headquartered in New Cumberland, Pa. with additional facilities at Mechanicsburg, Pa., that provides nine million square feet of covered storage space, and as of 2015, maintains nearly 770,000 different National Stock Numbers worth $13 billion.  It coordinates material management and distribution of mission critical items including military and commercial repair parts, industrial, medical supplies, tires, and aerial delivery equipment, optimizing all resources with a focus on safety, quality, and continuous process improvement.  It serves as the eastern strategic distribution platform for the Department of Defense and primary distribution point for all branches of the U.S. Armed Services, Foreign Military Services, and other Federal agencies in the eastern U.S., and serves as their Consolidation & Containerization Point for transiting supplies to Central & South America, Europe, North Africa, and Southwest Asia.


Home to the largest distribution processing facility in DoD – the 1.7 million square foot Eastern Distribution Center handles 25 percent of DLA Distribution’s total receipt, storage, and issue of materiel worldwide.  Susquehanna is the only center that receives, inspects, stages, and consolidates material for U.S. Army Security Assistance Command projects and acts as freight forwarder for Greece, Iraq, and Romania.  Susquehanna has been managing the storage and distribution function of DLA Disposition Services collocated at the Mechanicsburg Site since 2014.  As the largest DLA Distribution operation supporting the DLA Disposition Services, this initiative yields improved service for DLA customers and lower disposal costs for the DoD.


Susquehanna is also the host for the New Cumberland installation and, in partnership with DLA Installation Management Susquehanna, is responsible for the day-to-day operations and maintenance of the small city within its gates.  Included in those responsibilities are providing a full range of quality of life services to military members, their families, and civilian employees including a Health Clinic, Shoppette/Gas Station, child care, a fitness center, golf course, bowling center, and a pool.  Installation support services such as environmental, safety and energy, community, and security and emergency are provided to over 25 tenants, including military residents; as well as maintenance and engineering services for DLA occupied facilities at both sites.


The DLA Distribution Susquehanna, Pennsylvania’s mission is to provide world-class distribution services to enhance the readiness of the DoD and other customers, through effective and efficient receipt, storage, control, shipment, and disposal of materiel.  It strives to be a values-based team known for workforce excellence and providing superior distribution services on time, every time.

Distribution Susquehanna
2001 Mission Drive
New Cumberland, PA 17070-5000

New Cumberland Site
DSN:  771

Contact Us
DLA Distribution Susquehanna, Pa. Command                              717-770-7421
DLA Installation Management Susquehanna                                  717-770-5614
Security Dispatch                                                                            717-770-6270
Safety Office                                                                                    717-770-7233
ESOC/Customer Support                                                                717-770-4754

DLA Customer Interaction Center: Provides 24/7 support to locate DoD stock items and answer logistics inquiries.