DLA Distribution Europe

                               LTC Jonathan Ackiss, USA, Commander            Crimson Smith, Deputy Commander 

DLA Distribution Europe, located in Germersheim, Germany, is DLA Distribution's largest distribution facility on the European continent and a forward deployed Theater Distribution Platform. As an integral part of the Defense Logistics Agency's worldwide network of 24 distribution centers, the organization provides initial surge capability during the transition to war phase, seamless joint theater distribution, and innovative support of DLA and service-managed materiel to all four service component warfighters and government partners throughout Europe, Africa and the Middle East. Strategically positioned near the Rhine River and Ramstein Air Base in central Europe, it's distribution facilities take advantage of readily available air, road, rail, and barge modes of transportation, as well as enabling the critical theater break-bulk mission performed by the Theater Consolidation and Shipping Point.

Current commodities distributed by DLA Distribution Europe are repair parts, barrier and construction material, clothing and textiles, packaged POL, operational rations, mail,  and humanitarian relief support.

Defense Logistics Agency

Distribution Europe



APO Address:


DLA Distribution Europe

Unit 30302

APO AE 09095-0302



Residential Address:


DLA Distribution Europe

US Depot Geb. 7983

76726 Germersheim




Customer Support


Accountable Officer     314-581-5010     +49-7274-965010
Administrative Services   314-581-5042     +49-7274-965042
Command     314-581-5002     +49-7274-965002
Dangerous Goods Advisor   314-581-5046     +49-7274-965046
Document Services Office Germersheim 314-581-5395     +49-7274-965395
Facilities Management   314-581-5061     +49-7274-965061
Logistics Management   314-581-5053     +49-7274-965053
MRE Inspection     314-378-3261     +49-7274-58261
Occupational Health   314-581-5049     +49-7274-965049
  314-581-5055     +49-7274-965055
Quality Assurance Evaluation   314-581-5020     +49-7274-965020
Safety   314-581-5049     +49-7274-965049
  314-581-5055     +49-7274-965055
Security       314-581-5065    


DLA Customer Interaction Center: Provides 24/7 support to locate DoD stock items and answer logistics inquiries.dlacontactcenter@dla.mil