DLA Distribution San Diego, Calif.


DLA Distribution San Diego is located on Naval Base San Diego and performs standard distribution operations to include receipt, store, ship, and issue, with related functions to include transshipment, preservation, packaging, packing, and marking, Level 1 Sub-Safe Program, the Emergency Support Operations Center, Care of Supply in Storage, and reclassification. As a part of this mission, DLA Distribution San Diego, Calif., provides tailored distribution services through the Material Processing Center, which serves as a centralized receipt activity for afloat customers in the San Diego area.

Items processed at the distribution center include depot level repairable, electronics, hazardous material, ship and aviation repair parts, and small boats/amphibious craft. DLA Distribution San Diego, Calif., predominately handles Navy owned/managed material.

Among DLA Distribution San Diego, Calif., primary customers are the home-ported ships in San Diego and the major shore commands representing all services, Fleet Readiness Center Southwest (FRCSW), Southwest Regional Maintenance Center, and other smaller activities in the southwestern United States.

A large portion of DLA Distribution San Diego, Calif., business is receiving, storing, and issuing depot level repairable for FRCSW, which is one of the Navy's largest repair facilities.

In 2010, DLA Distribution San Diego, Calif., assumed responsibility for operations from the Fleet and Industrial Supply Center Port Hueneme as part of the Navy Warehouse Transfer to DLA. Port Hueneme is the primary logistical support center for the U.S Antarctic's Research Program, as well as Navy's Mobile Construction battalions throughout the Pacific.

Distribution San Diego
3581 Cummings Road, Bldg. 3581
San Diego, CA 92136-3581
Area Code: 619
DSN: 526

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