Distribution Standard System (DSS)

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Requires Common Access Card 

DLA Customer Interaction Center

While DLA’s ticket system is changing, customers will continue to contact the CIC for any inquiries using the following methods:

Toll Free:
For dialing questions, contact your local switch operator or email our Support Office at with your full DSN number and prefix
  (269) 704-7921
  (269) 704-7930

What DLA Distribution Offers

DLA Distribution Services

Wholesale and Retail Receipt, Store, Issue and Distribute Materiel

  • Customer Service
  • Inventory Management
  • Preservation, Packaging, Packing & Marking
  • Care of Supplies in Storage
  • Materiel Movement Tracking and Expediting
  • Material Processing Center (MPC) – CONUS and OCONUS locations
  • Consolidation and Containerization Points (CCP)
  • Theater Consolidation Shipment Point

All tied together via our integrated materiel management system called Distribution Standard System (DSS) DLA DSS Material Tracker

Program Management

  • Infrastructure
  • Audit Sustainment
  • Stock Readiness
  • Inventory
  • Safety
  • Equipment
  • Security

Storage and Distribution Services

  • Receipt, Store, Issue Material
  • Care of Stock in Storage (COSIS)- e.g., condition code management
  • Tailored Kitting Solutions - DLA Distribution collaborates with customers to create kits of items designed for specific purposes, supporting Industrial and Operational Requirements - small to large.
    • Maintenance Kits
    • DEPMEDs/ Medical
    • Unit and Set Assembly & Disassembly
    • UGR-A, B, E
    • Bill of Material
    • Lean Line Production
    • Total Package Fielding
    • Time Compliant Technical Order
  • Material Processing Center (MPC) – CONUS and OCONUS locations designed to receive material for the Navy, provide material visibility, sort material by customer requirements, and then deliver the material so that it can be more easily placed into its location once onboard the ship.
  • Consolidation & Containerization Points (CCP)
  • Landing Gear- Wheels and Tires: F-16, A-10, C-130
  • Minuteman Missiles, F100 Aircraft Engines, F-15, C-5, C-17, UGR-Es

Coordination of transportation requirements for DLA S&D locations and vendors

Tailored Capabilities

  • Tailored Kitting & Total Package Fielding
  • Mapping
  • Hazardous Materiel
  • Foreign Military Sales
  • Medical/Cold Chain Management
  • Surge support
  • Customer Focused Metrics

Strategic Enablers

  • Distribution Acquisition
  • Expeditionary Distribution Center
  • Joint Expeditionary Force

Distribution Standard System (DSS)

Click this image to go to DSS Material Tracker application

Requires Common Access Card 

DLA Distribution is a member of the Information Operations Panel (IOP) initiative and has established policies and procedures for DSS changes which encompass the nine steps of the DLA Collaborative Configuration Management Plan (CI#: DLA-CCMP-Version 2.0).

DLA Distribution DSS CM Plan presents a methodology by which Configuration Management (CM) is maintained throughout the development life cycle for Distribution Standard System.

DLA Distribution contributes to the collaborative effort by posting all IT initiatives that might interest other agencies to the Collaborative CM Web page.

Computer Access to DSS Inquiry Screens

Access to DSS will allow the customer to inquire shipment status, review carrier manifest, check for multi-pack, determine who the carrier is, check for stock, review the NSN history, check receipts, check MRO history, check CCP receipts, shipments and history, etc.

Requesting DSS access: Every individual who wishes to access DSS will have to submit a new System Access Authorization Request (SAAR) through AMPS . In AMPS they will be requesting the Role Based Access Controls (RBAC) User Role needed to perform their job.


Distribution Planning and Management System (DPMS)


DPMS is a Modern Distribution Planning and Management System within DLA that enables the DLA/DLA Distribution to better manage the movement of products from vendors and distribution centers to customers as well as reverse logistics, resulting in greater coordination, visibility and stock positioning. DPMS is a vital, robust DSS enhancement system, which will allow DLA to provide greater flexibility in the movement of their products, to all customers, with added support to our soldiers worldwide.

The Importance of DPMS to DLA:

  • In-transit visibility of vendor shipments to Customers and DLA Distribution Centers
  • Provide standard documentation such as 2nd 2 D bar-coded Military Shipping Labels (MSLs), Bills of Lading, and export documentation that will expedite movement to customers
  • Document carrier performance and delivery to customers
  • Allow DLA to delay stock positioning decisions until time of movement to reduce double handling and multiple moves
  • Provide real-time access for all addresses including Ships, FMS, and Mobile Units.
  • Provide rapid payment to commercial carriers and document transportation costs through interface with Power Track
  • Lower DLA transportation costs by optimizing shipments and using greater consolidation through cross docking, multiple pick-up, and multiple drop-offs

Logistics Planning and Contingency Operations

  • Deployable Distribution
  • Contingency DLA Distribution Contracts
  • Skilled Workforce
  • Flexible Surge Support
  • DLA DSS Material Tracker - The DLA Distribution Standard System (DSS) Material Tracker allows the user to enter a requisition number and obtain the current status of previously processed requisitions

Customer Service

For Technical Difficulties

For access problems or technical issues please contact the Enterprise Service Desk at:

Toll Free:   1-855-352-0001
DSN: (CONUS)   855-352-0001 (OCONUS)   94-855-352-0001