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DLA Distribution San Joaquin, California


DLA Distribution San Joaquin, California, receives, stores and ships materiel in support of America's Armed Forces around the clock, around the world. The Distribution Center is in the military readiness business and is the Department of Defense's western strategic distribution platform, serving as a hub of logistics activities for America's Warfighter.

DLA Distribution San Joaquin, California, originated in 1942 as part of the Army's Quartermaster system and has supported every major war and many contingency operations over the past seven decades from World War II to current operations in Afghanistan and Iraq, as well as several humanitarian relief efforts. Today, the distribution center is the second largest of 25 depots subordinate to DLA Distribution, headquartered in New Cumberland, Pennsylvania.

Warfighters overseas in the Pacific and Indian Ocean regions are supported through DLA Distribution San Joaquin’s Consolidation and Containerization Point,  which operates much like a cross-docking, freight-forwarding business, consolidating freight into seagoing vans or onto special air pallets for shipment to overseas customers. Items from other distribution centers, government agencies and independent vendors account for approximately 25 percent of the materiel shipped from the CCP with the remainder coming from DLA Distribution San Joaquin’s mission stock. On a monthly average, the CCP will ship more than 350 seavans and nearly 150 air pallets to 4,000 customers stationed in Alaska or the Pacific and Indian Ocean operating areas. Support is tailored to each customer unit’s individual requirements.

The Dedicated Truck Program serves CONUS customers and features customized delivery schedules, reduced transit times and items packed to suit the warfighter which results in reduced transportation costs and enhanced partnerships with customers and freight carriers. More than one-third of the depot’s shipments are transported on dedicated trucks. Customers on the west coast receive deliveries same day or overnight, while customers as far away as Pennsylvania can be supported in 72 hours.

DLA Distribution San Joaquin, California, also assembles sets and kits and is the sole provider of the Unitized Group Rations, these are heat and serve meals that are used to sustain our globally deployed warfighters. The different types of meals that are assembled are the UGR-M and UGR-Heat and Serve meals. The UGR-M and Heat and Serve meals feed 50 warfighters at one time and require a field kitchen.


Distribution San Joaquin
25600 S Chrisman Road
Tracy, CA 95304
Area Code: 209
DSN: 462


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