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Chuck Ensinger
DDXX Operation and Planning Specialist
DLA Distribution HQ J3-OP
New Cumberland, PA 17070
DSN: 771-2855 (312)
COMM: (717) 770-2855

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DLA Distribution - Expeditionary

Distribution Expeditionary Leader

Lt. Col. Kimberly Ellenburg, Commander

About Distribution Expeditionary

DLA Distribution Expeditionary (DDXX) is a Strategic Enabler for DLA, managed by DLA Distribution Headquarters in New Cumberland, PA. It operates in concert with USTRANSCOM which is the Distribution Process Owner for materiel distribution. 

DLA Distribution Expeditionary Goals

  • Provide the COCOM the flexibility to expeditiously employ the right-sized capabilities into the theater
  • Improve strategic and operational logistics agility to provide the COCOM with reduced Customer Wait Time (CWT)
  • Enhance visibility and control of in-theater sustainment stocks
  • Increase materiel availability for on-time logistics
  • Effective logistics information management and visibility of Class II, IIIP, IV, VIIIA, and IX supplies
  • Deploy scalable capability that meets specified mission requirements to fit into the available geographic footprint
  • Capability to reconfigure assets for simultaneous expeditionary deployments
  • Reduced strain on strategic air assets


DDXX will enable Regional DLA Commanders with a deployable, scalable, and joint distribution capability that is capable of supporting Combatant Commanders operational and logistical requirements for Unified Land Operations and Contingency Operations.

DDXX Joint Enabling Concept

Theater Opening  - Theater Distribution  -  Theater Sustainment



DDXX has four Core Functions; Theater Consolidation and Shipping Point (TCSP), Forward Deployed Warehousing (FDW), Material Processing Center (MPC), and Incident Support Base (ISB).

DDXX is capable of supporting the current defense planning construct as well as other types of contingencies such as Humanitarian Aid / Disaster Relief (HADR) support and internal DLA surge support to other depots. DDXX can deploy necessary capabilities as rapidly as the Forces it supports. 

DDXX establishes a forward-positioned end-to-end distribution process that will:
•    Be scalable to the scope of customer requirements
•    Enable the customer’s ability to continually project combat power
•    Not interfere with the customer’s ability to deploy forces into the battle-space
•    Be synchronized with the expected start of sustainment replenishments
•    Be linked to theater movement control and transportation assets to be successful
•    Phase in additional capabilities over time to meet growing customer needs
•    Operate until such time as the mission is transitioned to an enduring capability/contract or the mission ends

How to Request DDXX Support

Request DDXX as Exercise Participant

Submit request via Joint Training Information Management System (JTIMS)
Contact DLA J311 Plans Exercise and Readiness (PLEX-R)
DSN: 312-427-3595
DLA Distribution J5 Future Plans

Request DDXX as Contingency or Theater Support

Contact DLA J3 Joint Logistics Center (JLOC)
Via Email:
DSN: 312-427-2711 DLA JLOC Battle Captain

Submit requirements through RFF process via JCRM

Submit via DMS/AMHS Plain Line Address

Request DDXX Information

Contact DLA Distribution J3 Integration
DSN: 312-771-2855/4025/5820
COMM: 717-770-2855-4025/5820

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