DLA Distribution Norfolk, Va.

Thomas Neville III, CAPT, SC, USN,                   Christine Johnson, Deputy Commander


DLA Distribution Norfolk, Virginia proudly supports a diverse customer base around the world.  Primary customers include home ported and transient Navy and Military Sealift Command ships at the world’s largest Navy base, as well as Navy industrial activities and shore establishments. Increasingly, DLA Distribution Norfolk, Virginia also provides support to local Air Force and Army installations and has a growing role in support of special operations and humanitarian missions.

DLA Distribution Norfolk, Virginia's major operations include the Norfolk Intermodal Hub, a dynamic cross-dock facility that receives, processes, consolidates, and containerizes export surface cargo and also provides onward movement for cargo and retrograde received in its surface import operation.  In addition to its designation as an official water port, the Norfolk Intermodal Hub provides specialized pier side stevedoring support for loading and offloading ship's cargo.  The Material Processing Center, another significant DLA Distribution Norfolk, Virginia operation, provides customized material sorting, receipt processing, and delivery services to over 150 afloat units in the Hampton Roads region, including the Norfolk based aircraft carriers, surface combatants, and submarines.

DLA Distribution Norfolk, Virginia, has incorporated regional distribution operation to include warfighter support sites in Cheatham Annex; Little Creek;  Crane, Indiana; and in New London, Connecticut.  Additionally, Norfolk Naval Shipyard industrial operations are now supported on site through the transition of the newest DLA Distribution Norfolk affiliate organization in Portsmouth, Virginia.  DLA Distribution Norfolk also partners with DLA Disposition Norfolk in the reutilization, recycling, and disposal of government property.

DLA Distribution Norfolk, Virginia, is embracing new opportunities and providing solid distribution solutions by leveraging a skilled and dedicated workforce.  Leadership and employees alike consistently incorporate innovation to deliver enhanced regional support to a diverse customer base, while still meeting the challenges of a fiscally constrained environment. The team is mission focused and committed to safety, as evidenced by its designation as an OSHA Volunteer Protection Program (VPP) Star Site. 

 DLA Distribution Norfolk, Virginia, is future focused and poised to deliver Global Distribution Excellence whenever and wherever in support of the warfighter!


Distribution Norfolk
1968 Gilbert Street
Norfolk, VA 23511-3340
Area Code: 757
DSN: 392


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DLA Distribution Norfolk Command Duty Officer                           390-6335
Security Office                                                                                278-8404
Safety Office                                                                                   278-8403
ESOC/Customer Support                                                               278-8407
CASREP Cage                                                                               278-8407
Medical Material Cage                                                                   278-8454
Classified Material Cage                                                                278-8312
HAZMAT and Cylinder Bottles                                                       278-8500/278-8525
Intermodal Hub (Ocean Terminal) Customer Support                   278-8463



DLA Customer Interaction Center: Provides 24/7 support to locate DoD stock items and answer logistics inquiries.


DLA Distribution Norfolk Regional Site Locations

Regional Site Support                                                                    757-443-3207
Norfolk Naval Shipyard (NNSY) Support Operations                     757-396-0002
Cheatham Annex Operations                                                         757-887-4154  
Crane, IN   Distribution Operation                                                  812-854-4518
New London/Groton, CT Distribution Operation                             860-694-4047


DLA Distribution Norfolk:

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