DLA Distribution Pearl Harbor, Hawaii

                                                                           Sean Andrews, CDR, SC, USN,                             


Located at the gateway to the Pacific, DLA Distribution Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, joined the DLA Distribution network on April 7, 1999. DLA Distribution Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, provides physical distribution support for Naval ships and major industrial/shore commands, as well as transiting battle groups; the Army's 25th Infantry Division at Schofield Barracks; 3rd Marines, MCBH at Kaneohe; and the 15th Air Base Wing at Hickam.

DLA Distribution Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, contains the largest preservation and packing facility on the island, providing support to the Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard and Intermediate Maintenance Facility, as well as other Navy, Marine Corps, Air Force and Army activities. Large items such as ship propellers, periscopes, gears and shafts are specially packed and crated for storage or shipment by the DLA Distribution Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, professionals.

Over the last several years, DLA Distribution Pearl Harbor, Hawaii has seen remarkable mission growth adding to its Storage and Distribution portfolio the Theater Consolidation and Shipping Point for air cargo entering at Hickam AFB, the Mapping Support Office, retail operations support to Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard, and most recently receiving and warehousing support for DLA Disposition Pearl Harbor.  



Distribution Pearl Harbor
200 Gaffney Street
Pearl Harbor, HI
Area Code: 808
DSN: 315


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DLA Distribution Pearl Harbor Staff Duty Officer                            306-9076
Security Office                                                                                473-5460
Safety Office                                                                                   473-4671/3347
ESOC/Customer Support                                                               473-2245
PHNSY Retail S&D                                                                        473-8000 x4960
Mapping Support Office                                                                 473-9580  

Disposition Services S&D                                                              473-9547
HAZMAT and Cylinder Bottles                                                       473-3770
Packing Services                                                                           473-0108
Transportation Office                                                                     473-0064


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