DLA Information Operations provides a wide range logistics and acquisition IT solutions. 

Links to more information on our applications are listed below.

Logistics Applications

  • Federal Logistics Data on Mobile Media (FED LOG) is a CD-ROM or DVD tool to retrieve management, part/reference number, supplier, Commercial and Government Entity (CAGE), freight, Interchangeability and Substitutability (I&S) and characteristics information recorded against National Stock Numbers (NSN). FED LOG also provides service unique data for additional search capabilities.
  • Joint Certification Program (JCP) was established to certify United States (U.S.) and Canadian contractors for access to unclassified technical data disclosing critical technology controlled in the U.S.
  • Logistics Online Access (LOLA) Classic is a web front-end interface to live Federal Logistics Information System (FLIS) data returning the most current data on supply items and manufacturers and suppliers. End users can cut and paste up to 80 National Item Identification Numbers (NIIN) or 50 part numbers into the screen for batch inquiries against the FLIS database. Also available through LOLA Classic is the LOLA Update cataloging tool that allows authorized users to update the FLIS database.
  • Public Logistics Data on Mobile Media (PUB LOG) is a Logistics Information Services product intended for use by public entities requiring National Stock Number (NSN) information and other cataloging information including Federal Supply Classification (FSC) data and Commercial and Government Entity (CAGE) codes. It is an interactive product available on DVD which is updated monthly and available through a subscription process.
  • Public Logistics Data on Mobile Media (PUB LOG) Federal Logistics Information System (FLIS) Search is an Information Operations web service intended for use by public entities requiring information about supply items including National Stock Number (NSN), Item Name, Reference/Part Numbers, Commercial and Government Entity (CAGE) codes and other Federal logistics data. Available for download from the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Electronic Reading Room, PUB LOG FLIS Search requires no subscription or Common Access Card (CAC) authorization.
  • Subscriptions or one-time sales are available for our FED LOG and PUB LOG products.
  • Web Federal Logistics Information System (WebFLIS) provides essential information about supply items including the National Stock Number (NSN), the item name, manufacturers and suppliers (including part numbers), through a web interface connected to FLIS data. This application is only accessible by controlled access such as Common Access Card (CAC) or External Certificate Authority (ECA). Users can register/obtain roles through the Access Management and Provisioning System (AMPS).
Acquisition Applications
  • Commercial and Government Entity (CAGE) Code is a unique identifier assigned to suppliers to various government or defense agencies, as well as to government agencies themselves and also various organizations. CAGE codes provide a standardized method of identifying a given facility at a specific location.
  • Document Services Online (DSO) provides customers the ability to order printing, upload files, preview print, create variable data, order kits, check order status or get information on any service from Document Services.
  • Federal Mall (FedMall) FedMall is an eCommerce ordering system for DOD, Federal, State, and authorized local Agencies to search for and acquire products from government reserves and commercial sources. Buyers will have access to tens of millions of individual items of supply, from centrally managed DOD and General Service Administration (GSA) assets to commercial off-the-shelf products.    
  • Purchase Card Online System (PCOLS) is a DoD-wide, DoD-operated electronic system that Government Purchase Card (GPC) participants will use to improve the management and accountability of their GPC Program organizations.
  • Wide Area Workflow (WAWF) is a secure Web-based system for electronic submission and processing of receiving reports and invoices in order to support DoD's goal of moving to a paperless acquisition process.