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FED LOG is offered as a subscription or as a single one-time sale. Logistics Information Services Publication Subscriptions are based on the fiscal year (Oct - Sept). Any subscription starting after Oct will be prorated until the end of the fiscal year.

FED LOG - FEDeral LOGistics Information on mobile media is currently offered as a single DVD.  It is available to DOD employees and other Government Agencies.  The current version of FED LOG can also be downloaded from FedMall free of charge.

DVD products are sent to our customers via first class mail.  Therefore, when placing your order, be sure to provide a product delivery address that is in accordance with US Postal Standards for first class mail.

PUB LOG - PUBlic releasable LOGistics Information previously offered as a DVD product is transitioning to a free downloadable product.  Beginning 1 Jan 2020 PUB LOG will be available for free download from the Federal Logistics Information Services (FLIS) Data Electronic Reading Room. Updated files will be available for download on the first business day of each month.  PUB LOG is available to the general public and private sector, including non-US companies.  PUB LOG downloads require no subscription or Common Access Card (CAC) authorization.  New subscription requests for PUB LOG DVDs will not be processed, but existing customers will continue to receive the DVD product through March 2020.