PUB LOG Product Request Information

PUB LOGPUBlic releasable LOGistic Information on mobile media is offered as a single DVD that is replicated monthly. It is available as a one-time single issue or a subscription. One-time single issue orders will receive the most current issue available. Our subscription year is based on the fiscal year (1 October through 30 September). New customers can subscribe any time during the year at a pro-rated cost from the month their subscription begins through 30 September.

The products are mailed via United States Postal Service (USPS). Therefore, when placing your order be sure to provide a product delivery address that is in accordance with USPS First Class Mail Standards.

For Product Request Information select the appropriate link that best identifies you:

U.S. Air Force                            Other DOD Agencies

U.S. Army                                   U.S. Federal, State or Local Government

U.S. Coast Guard                      Contractors or Private Sector

U.S. Marine Corps                     Foreign Governments

 S. Navy                                 DLA Employees

Subscription Renewal
The annual renewal is conducted approximately 90-days prior to the new fiscal year, at which time the renewal notices are sent out.  Your renewal reply is required to be paid for by 1 September to have uninterrupted automatic distribution.

If you are a current subscriber, the DLA Customer Interaction Center (DLA CIC) can assist you with questions about the CD-ROM products or direct your request for renewing or changing your subscription.