Procurement Integrated Enterprise Environment


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The Procurement Integrated Enterprise Environment (PIEE) is the DoD and Federal one-stop-shop for procurement capabilities. The PIEE is home to Wide Area Workflow and Electronic Data Access (EDA), MyInvoice, and capabilities including:What is Procurement Integrated Enterprise Environment graph

  • Single sign on/role-based access based on job series
  • Data from multiple applications
  • Standardized procurement hierarchy for purchase card and procurement
  • Pre-award, award and post-award administration
  • Payment
  • Property management    
  • Contract close out
  • Rapid development and deployment of applications

PIEE Operations support will include:

  • DODAAC management
  • Procurement process model library
  • Robust data reporting
  • Single data layer hosting all procurement data.

Migration of procurement capabilities to the PIEE will be incremental, beginning with Clause Logic Service, Procurement Process Library and Electronic Document Access in 3RD Quarter FY 2019.


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Contact Information


For more information about PIEE, contact the WAWF Program Office at wawf_ebiz_suite@dla.mil

P.I.E.E. Helpdesk:
Phone: 866-618-5988

Email disa.global.servicedesk.mbx.eb-ticket-requests@mail.mil