Logistics Information Services Provisioning

How to obtain a North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) Commercial and Government Entity (NCAGE) Code

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DLA FAQs National Stock Number (Open Captions)

Logistics Information Services

About Us

Logistics Information Services is responsible for data strategy, management, operational control and accomplishment of logistics data support for all National Stock Number (NSN) items in the Federal Catalog System (FCS) used in supply management operations within and between the United States (U.S.) Military Services, other Department of Defense (DOD) activities, federal and civil agencies, and foreign governments.

Mission Statement
Enabling global defense readiness through logistics information

From acquisition through disposition, trusted provider of logistics information services

Core Values

  • People...Our greatest resource
  • Service...Our commitment to our customers
  • Excellence...Quality in everything we do
  • Innovation...Preparing to meet future needs
  • Trust...Our standard in every relationship

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