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TRAINING COURSES ARE - designed and developed to provide comprehensive training for users of the Logistics Information Products and Services. Our courses are designed for the Warfighter with flexibility in mind. We provide training to the Armed Forces with no direct charge or cost to the units. DOD, Federal and State agencies, participating allied governments and the private sector are encouraged to attend. Courses can be tailored to meet individual organization or agency needs. We are a customer-oriented team. Customer satisfaction and our ability to interact in a global market measure our success. We are committed to delivering quality logistics data information training when and where the customer needs it. We deliver training to meet customer requirements at our Battle Creek site, at a customer's site or activity, or via distributed learning forum.

Distributed Learning (DL) - We offer self-paced training using various DL technologies. Course offerings such as Computer Based Training (CBT) are available on CD ROM and streaming media products on DVD. Web Based Training (WBT) can be found on the Services DL website at:
Interactive instructor-led training is also available using webinar/VTC technology.

Federal Logistics Information System Web Inquiry (WebFLIS) - The WebFLIS course is designed to enable the student to search by NSN/NIIN, NSN History, Multiple NSN/NIINs; Part Number; CAGE Code; Company name and Part Number; Item Name Keyword; Item Name Code; Characteristics; Medical Searches; Weapons Systems; and (DLA managed) Bill of Materials for Sets, Kits and Outfits. Output views can be selected to zero in on the data elements you require. Students will receive instructions and hands-on training on WebFLIS query capabilities. 6 hour course, 2 hours Webinar demonstration.

Federal Logistics (FED LOG) Data on CD or DVD - Covers the FED LOG product in a three-prong approach to include: The Interactive Application, Characteristics Search, and Batch Processing. Data included in FED LOG and discussed during the course: Item Information, Vendor, Supplier, Freight and Characteristics, and other data recorded under National Stock Numbers. Students will receive in-depth information and demonstration, as well as, hands-on practice with each of the three applications listed. 8 hour course

Logistics Data Research Tchniques (LDRT) - Provides a two day review of the National Stock Number (NSN) Total Item Record data elements and hands on use of the research tools available to find this data to include FED LOG, WebFLIS and more. 16 hour course

Logistics Information Fundamentals (LIFC) - Provides an in-depth review of all information necessary to understand basic cataloging principles and how to interpret FLIS data elements published through Logistics-On-Line- Application (LOLA) Classic, WebFLIS, and FED LOG extracts. LIFC is designed for entry-level Cataloging Logisticians who will be directly involved with making supply cataloging decisions and supply cataloging transactions within the FLIS. Pre-requisite for the LIFC is the ILI Course. 32 hour course

Introduction to Logistics Information (ILI) - This self-paced course provides a general overview of the NSN Logistics Concepts and is available via the World Wide Web or Computer Based Training. The ILI is designed to provide an entry-level understanding of the format and data elements contained within an NSN as published in the Federal Logistics Information System (FLIS). Any individual who works within the supply logistics arena and uses NSNs to input, revise, or cancel items-of-supply will benefit from this course. The ILI is a pre-requisite course for the LDI and LIFC Courses.

Logistics Data Interpretation (LDI) - Provides an in-depth review of all information contained within a NSN and related data elements contained within a Total Item Record (TIR). The FLIS TIR will be analyzed and interpreted using standard DLA products and services. Pre-requisite for the LDI is the ILI Course. 24 hour course

Military Engineering Data Asset Locator System (MEDALS) - Provides a basic introduction to the MEDALS system. The student will learn the different methods of accessing MEDALS, how to sign on/othe system, who to contact when system problems arise, and what the various error messages mean. Within the MEDALS program, areas discussed will be Part Number, National Item Identi¬fication Number, Commercial and Government Entity Code, Document Number and Document Title information. Information on drawings will include repository information, ¬le type formats, Electronic Data Order Request (EDOR), order page and order history. 3 hour course

Drawings Interpretation - This course is designed so that students learn how to identify the sections of Engineering
Drawings and Blueprints in order to extract characteristics, technical, and identification data. The course also demonstrates the methods by which Dimensions and Tolerances are applied and interpreted. 8 hour course

FedMall  - The first part of this course is designed primarily for personnel who order DOD Assets and it allows students to become familiar with FedMall advantages and functionality as a requisitioning tool. The second part of the course involves DLA Orders, which superseded the Web-based Customer Account Tracking System (WEBCATS). Additionally, students will learn to use FedMall for Stock-Out Reports, Material Receipt Acknowledgements and MILSTRIP Requisitions. 8 hour course/DLA Orders Course. 4 hour course

Electronic Cataloging (E-Cat) – This course is designed primarily for catalogers and selected personnel that perform cataloging procedures. Participants learn how to conduct an inquiry of submitted transactions or check the status of any
National Stock Number (NSN). Students receive instruction on single and mass load request forms. The cataloging request options are as follows: New NSN assignment, Reinstate a cancelled NSN, Update an existing NSN, Cancel an NSN, and Collaboration. The forms DD1685; JLC 17, 19 or 47; DD180; and the NATO form AC/135 (23 or 28) are addressed in the Collaboration corridor. 3 hour course

Enterprise Business System (EBS) Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Service 400 - This course is designed to provide visibility of customer information, requirements, and satisfaction, and create standard processes and strategies that can be applied across the enterprise. The CRM Service 400 training is comprised of nine modules of instruction, hands on training and exercises to solidify instruction. This training is recommended for employees that are currently or in the future will work in CRM as a service representative. 8 hour course

Federal Logistics Information System (FLIS) Portfolio Workbench (FPW) – This course is designed for the cataloging audience. This training provides catalogers with instruction on navigating throughout the FPW. The Inbox and Workload Manager areas, and all the interface buttons associated with them, are discussed. Students learn the importance of ¬filtering information to view the desired data. Workload unique to speci¬fic cataloging roles is also discussed. 3 hour course

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