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Are you interested in reviewing or updating your reference number data in the Federal Cataloging System (FCS)? The reference number consists of a Commercial and Government Entity (CAGE) Code and Part Number. The Interactive Government Industry Reference Data Edit and Review (iGIRDER) program was introduced to allow authorized individuals the ability to review and submit for correction reference numbers using a web based application that serves as both a maintenance tool and information source for manufacturers, vendors and suppliers.

GIRDER has facilitated over four million corrections and verifications to reference numbers.

“iGIRDER allows industry to purify data in the Federal Cataloging System”

iGIRDER – What’s in it for me?

  • It Gives You Control – Allows for data accuracy of reference numbers by providing a mechanism to review reference numbers and propose changes to obsolete, incomplete or inaccurate data.
  • Its’s Good for Business - Serves as a real time link between the Department of Defense (DOD) and private industry resulting in an uninterrupted flow of items required to support DOD global logistic requirements are visible for procurement.
  • It’s a Time-Saver - Data extracts contain reference numbers and using the World Wide Web data can be updated continuously, consistently, securely and at no cost.

Sample screen shots illustrate how to submit data for review/update along with how to request an extract of your CAGE Code data.

Sample Codes are:
L1, part number updates
J1, CAGE number updates

Notice: These requests generate an email to a shared mailbox, they do not automatically update the database
Commercial and Government Entity (CAGE) A CAGE Code is a five-character alpha-numeric identifier assigned to entities located in the United States and respective territories. The CAGE Program Office is the only activity authorized for assignment or update of CAGE codes. CAGE Codes support a variety of procurement and acquisition processes throughout the United States Government. For additional information, please visit the CAGE web address:

Authorized users are able to request a data review extract within iGIRDER. You will need to enter your name (Point of contact), Email Address, Phone Number and then submit.

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