Image of DLA Troop Support ContainersThe Construction and Equipment supply chain manages a variety of storage equipment including prefabricated and portable buildings, storage tanks, miscellaneous prefabricated structures, drums and cans, bottles and jars, bags and sacks, reels and spools, and packing bulk materials. Our procurement team employs a variety of acquisition methods to meet the unique shipping and storage needs of our customers.

We have containers that are certified for airlift and helicopter operations, are weather proof and sand proof. We can also customize containers to meet individual needs for racks and shelving, kits, dehumidifiers and accessory configuration kits.

The Joint Modular Intermodal Container offers several advantages over past shipping containers including:

  • ease of access container contents than previous "box-in-a-box" packaging
  • uniformity in size that enables easier transfer
  • containers smaller than the 20-foot standard size that enables a building-block approach to stowage
  • collapsibility that reduces space requirements when not used, and reuse in retrograde ops

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