Wood Products

Image of DLA Troop Support Wood ProductsThe Construction and Equipment supply chain provides a complete line of wood products, including softwoods, hardwoods, plywood and veneer, fire retardant items, millwork, poles and pilings, crossarms, doors and ties.

Wood products are supplied in CONUS through regional tailored logistics support contracts. OCONUS requirements are supported through these contracts as well as through traditional procurements. The TLSCs allow DLA Troop Support to complete all contract actions up front leading to reduced lead-times.

For CONUS, routine delivery on most items is completed within (10) days; urgent and emergency deliveries can be delivered even faster. Deliveries to Hawaii and Guam are within 30-45 days. Lead-times for Japan and Korea are approximately 60 days. Customers within Europe are supported primarily via DLA Distribution Europe in Germersheim, Germany, with additional support provided via direct vendor deliveries from in-theater sources.

Wood Products supplied are all quality ensured through independent grading agencies including conformance to American Lumber Standards Committee rules and guidelines. All wood products supplied will carry a grade stamp indicating this conformance. Knowledgeable technical support is available by contacting Troop Support. Ordering is primarily MILSTRIP but MIPRs can also be accepted. DLA Troop Support Tailored Vendor Logistics Specialists are available to facilitate your ordering and help expedite critical requirements.

The Wood products program supports a wide range of missions including warfare combat units, military construction, major facilities maintenance projects, training, exercises, and shipping, packing and crating. Wood products required for any use are available through this program. Through our relationships with industry, we offer competitive pricing and rapid delivery.

Contact: 215-737-6152 or DSN 444-6152