MIPR process for Technical, Information & Miscellaneous Equipment

Did you know that C&E may be able to support items that are non-DLA technical and information NSN coded items? If you are interested and would like to see if we can support your part number requirements, please see this guide for instructions on the request process and to ask if and how we can support you. 

Technical, Information, and Miscellaneous Equipment ImageTechnical, Information and Miscellaneous Equipment

Miscellaneous Equipment

The Miscellaneous Equipment group offers an array of parts, accessories, attachments and other items for various types of equipment including: lubrication & fuel dispensing equipment, storage tanks, road clearing & cleaning accessories, earth moving & excavating accessories, truck & trailer attachments, marksmanship targets and much more.

Contact: 215-737-6075 or DSN 444-6075

Automatic Data Processing & Information

Our ADP program offers a diverse, state of the art product line. Through long-term contracts, we offer the latest technology with direct delivery from the contractor. Products available through the ADP & Information program include:

  • ruggedized lap-top computers
  • notebooks
  • desktops and LCD portables
  • towers and changers
  • rack mount systems
  • servers
  • storage systems
  • printers
  • PCs
  • cleaning systems
  • floppy disks

We can provide the latest, most requested versions through the normal supply channels many organizations are accustomed to using, at competitive prices and delivery schedules. Please call if you don't see the version you want. Our list of products available on contract will be updated as we add new products or update current ones.

Contact: 215-737-4418 or DSN 444-4418

Technical and Information equipment

The Imaging team offers a wide variety of photographic and imaging equipment and supplies. In addition to our traditional film, camera, paper, and chemical supplies, we offer products such as infrared cameras, reel assemblies, cases/bags and lenses.

C&E offers a full line of commercial and special application products and equipment. Items include various brands of audio and video tapes, telephones and fax machines.

We are able to keep abreast of the latest technology in the digital world through our industry partnerships. Although most of our products are commercial in nature, we also specialize in military specification items. Our business solutions are tailored to link specific customer mission needs with industrial partners

Contact: 215 737-4418 or DSN 444-4418