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Demilitarization (DEMIL) Training

Training | Sept. 30, 2022

DEMIL - Demilitarization

Defense Demilitarization Program Course (DDPC)

The Defense Demilitarization Program Course (DDPC) is "mandatory" for DoD Component personnel involved with the DoD DEMIL Program. After successful completion of the DDPC, students will become eligible for the Web-based Defense DEMIL Program Refresher Course for a period of one year from DDPC completion date. Successful completion of the refresher course meets the annual refresher training requirement of DoDM 4160.28, Volume 1 (PDF)  

More information on training is also available on the Logistics Operations Training and Reference page.


DEMIL Refresher Course

  • DEMIL 101  (.PPTX download)
    This web-based training is intended for personnel who receive, stock, and distribute DOD personal property. The purpose is to prevent the unauthorized release of DOD personal property out of DOD control.

  • DEMIL Refresher Part 1  (.PPTX download) and DEMIL Refresher Part 2  (.PPTX download)
    This refresher course is mandatory, per DODM 4160.28 Vol1 DEMIL Program, for all DOD component personnel responsible for the management or oversight of any aspect of the Demilitarization Program. This course has been split into two parts; please review both parts.

  • Certifier/Verifier Course  (.PPTX download)
    This web-based training serves as certification for persons who will serve as a DEMIL Certifier or DEMIL Verifier IAW DODM 4160.28 Vol2 DEMIL Procedures

Questions or comments related to the refresher training can be addressed to Darrin Sinclair, Deputy of the DOD DEMIL Program, at