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Scrap Material Release Orders FY13 and FY16 through 2-22-2016

Disposition Services Sales Overview
Historical Summary of Material Issued under Contract 99-4001-0004 (2006-2012)
*UPDATED 2/19/2016*

Scrap Material Release Orders FY14-FY-15 *UPDATED 2/19/2016*
Scrap Receipt Information FY12-FY14

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B00 Analysis by Receipt
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Abstract IFB 15-0200

Abstract IFB 15-0300




Invitation for Bid 15-0200 (IFB EAST) FINAL

Invitation for Bid 15-0300 (IFB WEST) FINAL

UPDATED 8/21 Request for Technical Proposals (RFTPs EAST Region)

RFTP EAST Addendum 1

UPDATED 8/21 Request for Technical Proposals (RFTPs WEST Region)

RFTP WEST Addendum 1

IAW DLAM 5200.08 - DLA Physical Security Manual

AUG 2015 Electronic Recycling Teleconference Presentation

 E-Recycle Property Descriptions

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Recyclable Material East/West

DEMIL Data 2013-2014

Historical electronic recycling receipts FY12

Historical electronic recycling receipts FY13-14

Historical summary of material issued under contract 99-4001-4004  (FY2006-2012)

Standard Waste and Scrap Classification (SCL) Codes


Surplus Usable Personal Property Sales

FSC Research Data 2017  


Final Request For Technical Proposal (RFTP)-14-0091-Non-Rolling Stock Assets

Invitation For Bid (IFB) 14-0091 - Non-Rolling Stock Assets (Revised 03/18/14)

Final Request For Technical Proposal (RFTP)-14-0092-Rolling Stock Assets

Invitation For Bid (IFB) 14-0092 - Rolling Stock Assets (Revised 03/18/14)


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Usable Property Historical Data - Rolling Stock and Non-Rolling Stock (2009-2013)

Updated 02/10/14

FY11 Rolling and Non-Rolling Stock

FY12 Rolling and Non-Rolling Stock

FY13 Rolling and Non-Rolling Stock


 Current Available Rolling Stock

National Stock Number (NSN) & Local Stock Number (LSN) Listing as of 02/10/14

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Master Rolling Stock NIIN Listing


Archived CV5L Information


CV5L East Award

CV5L East RFTP 18-0340

CV5L East  Final IFB 18-0340


CV5L West Award

CV5L West RFTP 18-0339

CV5L West Final IFB 18-0339


CV5L Commonly Asked Questions  - Updated 12/1/2017 

CV5L Unofficial Bid Abstract

Archived CV4R Information

CV4R Extension

CV4R Contract Mod- Lajes

CV4R Portugal and Norway

CV4R Mod Locomotive and Railcars