Place a Bid


Prior to placing a bid please read the Sale By Reference July 2012, this pamphlet describes the terms, conditions and articles contained in the sales auction.

Place a Bid                                    

To bid on property that is for sale go to 


Correction to a Bid


Making corrections to bids that were placed on-line can be made via the on-line bidding page or can be faxed to the appropriate sales office conducting the sale.  The last bid received will be considered the final correct bid.  All corrections must be received by the appropriate sales office by the time set for bid opening.  


Bid Forms


The following forms can be used for International, National, and Local sales.  Please fax or mail the required form to the appropriate office conducting the sale on which you are bidding.  It is important that the Sales Number is on the form that is submitted.

Standard Form 114

SF 114a - Item Bid