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Overview of E-Sales
E-Sales is the electronic system which offers the general public the opportunity to bid electronically on a wide array of federal assets, including Surplus, Personal Property, Hazardous Material (HM), DEMIL As Condition of Sale (DOCS). Using our electronic system to purchase items that are for auction, bidders, both nationally and internationally. Bidders may actively participate in multiple auctions held throughout the world on a daily basis.  
How to Search for Property
The Government identifies items by assignment of a National Stock Number (NSN).  Numbers are assigned based on the end use of the item.

The configuration of the NSN is a 13-digit number.   Example:  6645-00-123-4567

The method to search the DLA Disposition Services inventory is by using the correct Federal Supply Group (FSG), Federal Supply Class (FSC), National Stock Number (NSN), or National Item Identification Number (NIIN).

Searching the DLA Disposition Services inventory has been made easy by the use of the FSC Finder. With the
FSC Finder you can find:

          1. Find the right FSC by entering keywords.
          2. A listing of all FSCs within an FSG.
          3. A full description of each FSC

Once you have found the FSC you can then immediately check DLA Disposition Services inventory for that type of property.

The first two positions (66) identify the Federal Supply Group (FSG). In the example cited, the Federal Supply Group 66 identifies the broad category of "measuring instruments".


The FSG is followed by two additional positions which together with the FSG form a four position Federal Supply Class (FSC). The 6645 narrows it down to a specific type of measuring instrument, "time measuring instruments".

Because the FSC is assigned based on end use, it is possible for the same item to be in more than one FSC. For example, a cleaning compound could be assigned FSC 6850 when used for general purpose cleaning, but the same chemical composition would be assigned FSC 6750 when used as a photographic cleaner. In each case, the NIIN would be different.


The last 9 positions (00-123-4567) are the National Item Identification Number (NIIN) and identify the specific item. The first two positions of the NIIN identify the NATO country code; e.g., 00 and 01 are assigned to the United States. The NIIN does not follow a logical sequence as the FSG and FSC do. The same NIIN is never used for more than one FSC at the same time.
Demilitarization (DEMIL) Code Challenges

All individuals or organizational representatives electing to challenge a DEMIL Code listed on a National Stock Number (NSN) or challenge an item as being sensitive/non-sensitive to National Security may use the on line web form to submit a Challenge request. The submitter shall complete the form as thoroughly and accurately as possible. All mandatory blocks on the web form “
Request for Review and Verification of FLIS DEMIL Code” (DEMIL Challenge) must have an entry. Failure to provide required information in the mandatory fields will prevent the user from submitting the form electronically via the web, and could significantly delay a timely response.

DEMIL B and Q extended screening

After DOD screening at the DLA Disposition Services site, serviceable DEMIL B and sensitive DEMIL Q property will be transferred and held at the Long Term Storage Facility in Columbus, Ohio for extended reutilization screening by DOD and approved Special Programs (i.e. Foreign Military Sales (FMS), Law Enforcement Agencies (LEAs) and Fire Fighters) customers.
DEMIL B and sensitive DEMIL Q property can only be reutilized by authorized DOD components (Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marine Corps to include Guard and Reserve Units), and approved Special Programs (FMS, Law Enforcement Activities (LEAs) and Fire Fighters).