Interactive Government & Industry Data Edit & Review (iGIRDER)


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Established in 1979, the Government & Industry Data Edit & Review (GIRDER) Program:

  • offers industry a link to the Federal Catalog System (FCS) in support of Department of Defense (DOD) and Civil Agency supply chain requirements

  • in cooperation with Government vendors and manufacturers, has facilitated over four million corrections and/or verifications to product information contained in the Federal Catalog

  • is an effective tool in controlling National Stock Number (NSN) proliferation between the military services and the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA)

This interactive GIRDER (iGIRDER) application:

  • provides government contractors, manufacturers, vendors, and suppliers the ability to review and/or update product information used by Federal and Civil activities

  • will accept both government and commercial reference data

  • is optional.

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