DD Form 1685

DD Form 1685 Electronic Interface (DD1685 Web) is a web-based database application that accommodates the paperless exchange of information between the services and agencies. Specifically, DD1685 Web provides a means to electronically propose cataloging data changes to the Federal Logistics Information System (FLIS).

DD1685 Web is an online form that is similar to the paper DD Form 1685. The application supports file attachments and uploads from the user's computer. It provides the ability to search, edit, and delete proposed actions and responses. Additionally, the application provides the user with the ability to archive and retrieve records.

The DD Form 1685 CBT is designed to provide an understanding of DD1685 Web and the data that can be used to complete the Form. The CBT provides a basic understanding of the DD1685 Web functions as well as instructions for the use of DD1685 Web. The course content includes a description of DD1685 Web, a description of its users, and the information that is required to apply for DD1685 Web Access. Practical exercises are included to instruct users in the functional operations of DD1685 Web. The course does not cover policies, procedures, or business rules related to individual agencies that utilize the application.

The training has been designed for all current and potential users of the hard copy DD1685 Collaboration Form. This includes all individuals who are involved in the collaboration process outlined in accordance with Department of Defense (DOD) 4100.39-M Volume 2, Chapter 2.

Delivery Methods:
Computer-Based Training (CBT) on CD-ROM

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