Drawings Interpretation (DI)

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Course Description:
The Drawings Interpretation (DI) course teaches students to interpret the basic concepts and requirements of drawings and blueprints. Students learn how to identify the various sections of drawings and blueprints and extract characteristics, technical data, and identifying data. This course shows students how to interpret the different types of technical information represented within various drawing and blueprint data. Students learn the methods by which dimensioning and tolerances are characterized. The students are also exposed to variations in the types of technical media. This course demonstrates how information is indicated in the call-outs and processes, and how to apply them to characteristics research and classification. The course teaches students the requirements of proprietary statements and special markings, security issues, and other critical markings and acronyms. This course content is taught via comprehensive exercises to reinforce learning objectives. The training finishes with an instructor-led learning enhancement program.

Target Audience:        
DLA, military services, Other Government Agencies, and United States (U.S.) Government sponsored contractors doing business with the U.S. Government who access Military Engineering Data Asset Locator System (MEDALS).

Delivery Methods:
Classroom Instruction (8 Hours)

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