Introduction to Logistics Information (ILI)

The Introduction to Logistics Information (ILI) program delivers a general overview of Department of Defense (DOD) logistics concepts, particularly as they relate to National Stock Numbers (NSNs). This training provides an understanding of the format and components of an NSN, such as how an item is classified and named, what type of data is associated with an NSN, as well as the relationships between NSNs. This training also illustrates the connection between DOD logistics data and the cataloging process, which is the process of entering data into the Federal Logistics Information System (FLIS).

The Introduction to Logistics Information (ILI) training is designed for any individual who works within the supply logistics arena and uses NSNs to input, revise, or cancel items of supply. The target audience for this training includes catalogers, equipment specialists, item managers, engineers, supply specialists, members of the Armed Forces, contractors, and North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) and other foreign partners.

Delivery Methods:

Computer-Based Training (CBT on CD-ROM)
Web-based Training (WBT)

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