Logistics Data Interpretation (LDI)

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Course Description:
The Logistics Data Interpretation (LDI) Course provides the fundamentals and technical knowledge necessary to read and understand National Stock Number (NSN) and related data elements contained within a Total Item Record (TIR). The Federal Logistics Information System (FLIS) TIR is analyzed and interpreted using standard Logistics Information Services products and services.

Training includes an in-depth review of all data elements groups found within the TIR to include: item names, Federal Supply Classification (FSC), reference data (part number information), characteristics data (physical and performance descriptions), Major Organizational Entity (MOE) rules (registered users), and Catalog Management Data (CMD).

Course delivery is primarily lecture based; however, students are involved in discussion and review throughout each module. To complete the course, students participate in a final group exercise where they apply what has been discussed and present their answers and solutions to the group.

This course may be tailored to meet the particular needs of the students' organizations.

Target Audience:
Wholesale level logisticians and supply support personnel who wish to gain an understanding of the FLIS and related data elements.

Introduction to Logistics Information (ILI) Web Based Training (WBT)/ Computer-Based Training (CBT)

Delivery Methods:
Classroom Instruction (20 hours- 2.5 days)

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