HEPP Announcements

Polaris Recall Alert

  • Customers should see this list for information on affected models.
  • If your model is affected, contact Polaris directly and they will connect you to a local servicing dealer.
  • DLA Troop Support C&E Heavy Equipment Procurement is not responsible for coordinating recall repairs if required. 


To get started, contact: CEGTC@dla.mil

Polaris Parts Ordering Note

To order POLARIS Parts with no NSN assigned, please use the DLA Land & Maritime Contract here


Heavy Equipment Procurement Program

The Construction & Equipment supply chain supports the acquisition of commercial heavy equipment used by military and federal government agencies through the Heavy Equipment Procurement Program (HEPP). A variety of heavy equipment is available through many major suppliers, including: construction equipment, agricultural equipment, cranes, trucks, trailers, sweepers, scrubbers, firefighting and rescue vehicles.

Customer Support:     Eve Harmon                     215-737-5812 or DSN 444-5812
Program Manager:      Robert Spadaro, Jr.          215-737-8253
or DSN 444-8253
Fax: 215-737-0396 or DSN 444-0396

RFQs & MIPRs send to: HEPP@dla.mil

LTC Proposals and EPA Adjustments send to: HEPPLTCs@dla.mil 

Customer Inquiries & Status Requests send to: HEPPcust@dla.mil

HEPP Customer Handbook

Ordering through HEPP Program (Customer Guide)

HEPP Customer Request for Quote (RFQ) Form

Forklift/Lift Truck Spec Template

MIPR Instructions and Applicable Forms:  Please review documents listed below for instructions on submitting a funded MIPR (Form 448), a copy of MIPR Form 448 (fillable), and a copy of the required Non-Disclosure Agreement.

MIPR Instructions - HEPP
MIPR 448 Form
Non-Disclosure Agreement

Available Product List - a quick reference of items available under the contracts listed below.


The next round of solicitations for the Heavy Equipment Procurement Program (HEPP) Commercial contracts are underway. Below are links to OPEN solicitations for which we are currently accepting proposals. If there is no link next to the product group, then there is no open solicitation at this time. The site will be updated as new solicitations are issued, so please check back often.
  Product Group   Solicitation   Model Pricing and Discount
 Material Handling Equipment  SPE8EC-21-R-0001  MHE Solicitation Attachment
  Sweepers and Scrubbers
  (formerly Environmental Equipment)
 SPE8EC-21-R-0002  Sweepers and Scrubbers Solicitation Attachment
 Cranes  SPE8EC-21-R-0003  Cranes Solicitation Attachment
 Construction Equipment  SPE8EC-21-R-0004  Construction Equipment Solicitation Attachment
 Fire & Emergency Vehicles  SPE8EC-21-R-0005  FESE Solicitation Attachment
 Trucks and Trailers  SPE8EC-21-R-0007   Trucks and Trailers Solicitation Attachment
  Agricultural Equipment  SPE8EC-21-R-0006  Agricultural Equipment Solicitation Attachment
  Snow Removal  SPE8EC-21-R-0008  Snow Removal Solicitation Attachment
  Portable Power  SPE8EC-21-R-0009  Portable Power Solicitation Attachment

Available Contracts

  Contractor   Contract Number   Product Group
 Federal Contracts Corp (Mfr: Vermeer Corp and CAT UTVs)  SPE8EC20D0060  Agricultural Equipment
 Federal Contracts Corp (Mfr: Case IH)  SPE8EC21D0070  Agricultural Equipment
 Gaithersburg (Mfrs: Kubota, Kawasaki and New Holland)  SPE8EC21D0081  Agricultural Equipment
 Gyro-Trac Corporation  SPE8EC22D0001  Agricultural Equipment
 Lake Erie Portable Screeners  SPE8EC21D0076  Agricultural Equipment
 John Deere  SPE8EC18D0013  Agricultural Equipment
 Polaris  SPE8EC18D0016  Agricultural Equipment
 Spraying Devices  SPE8EC14D0002  Agricultural Equipment
 Trucker Sno-Cat  SPE8EC18D0027  Agricultural Equipment
 Moridge Mfg. (dba Grasshopper)  SPE8EC19D0031  Agricultural Equipment
 Vantage Vehicle Int'l  SPE8EC19D0044  Agricultural Equipment
 ADS, Inc (Mfr: CASE Construction)  SPE8EC20D0052  Construction Equipment
 Advanced Material Handling (Mfr: Manitou Americas)  SPE8EC21D0079  Construction Equipment
 Caterpillar, Inc.  SPE8EC17D0012  Construction Equipment
 JCB, Inc  SPE8EC20D0064  Construction Equipment
 John Deere  SPE8EC18D0005  Construction Equipment
 Volvo Construction  SPE8EC18D0010  Construction Equipment 
 SupplyCore (mfr: Bonnell Industries)  SPE8EC21D0075  Construction Equipment
 Altec  SPE8EC18D0022  Cranes
 American Mat'l Handling (Mfrs: Broderson and Maeda)  SPE8EC21D0078  Cranes
 Easy Street (Mfg: Combilift)  SPE8EC18D0025  Cranes
 Grove U.S.  SPE8EC17D0008  Cranes
 Link-Belt Cranes  SPE8EC18D0002  Cranes
 SupplyCore (Mfg: SkyLift)  SPE8EC21D0088  Cranes
 E-One, Inc.  SPE8EC18D0008  Fire & Emergency Vehicles
 Kovatch (KME)  SPE8EC18D0011  Fire & Emergency Vehicles
 Oshkosh Airport Products  SPE8EC18D0007  Fire & Emergency Vehicles
 Peirce Mfg.  SPE8EC18D0012  Fire & Emergency Vehicles
 Rosenbauer America  SPE8EC20D0055  Fire & Emergency Vehicles
 ADS, Inc (Mfr: Toyota and Case Construction)  SPE8EC21D0073  Material Handling
 Advanced Mat'l Handling (Mfrs: Hyundai and Manitou  SPE8EC21D0086  Material Handling
 Alden Equipment (Mfr: Xtreme)  SPE8EC21D0090  Material Handling
 Alden Equipment (Mfr: Snorkel)  SPE8EC21D0091  Material Handling
 Alden Equipment (Mfr: Tailift)  SPE8EC21D0092  Material Handling
 American Material Handling Inc. (Mfrs: Doosan, Sellick Equipment, Xtreme Manufacturing, Magni, Kalmar)  SPE8EC17D0004  Material Handling
 ARI Phoenix, Inc.   SPE8EC21D0085  Material Handling
 Canadian Comm'l Corp (Mfr: Liftking)  SPE8EC21D0083  Material Handling
 Caterpillar  SPE8EC18D0020  Material Handling
 Columbia Vehicle Group  SPE8EC22D0003  Material Handling
 Crown Equipment Corp  SPE8EC18D0023  Material Handling
 Easy Street (Mfg: Combilift)  SPE8EC19D0041  Material Handling
 Hoist Material Handling  SPE8EC18D0024  Material Handling
 Hyster-Yale Group  SPE8EC17D0006  Material Handling
 JCB, Inc  SPE8EC21D0074  Material Handling
 JLG Industries  SPE8EC18D0003  Material Handling
 Landoll Corp  SPE8EC18D0026  Material Handling
 Taylor-Dunn Mfg  SPE8EC18D0029  Material Handling
 TransCargoPlus LLC (Mfr: Steelbro)  SPE8EC21D0071  Material Handling
 Werres Corp (Mfr: Raymond Corp)  SPE8EC20D0058  Material Handling
 Wright & Wright (Mfr: JBT Aerotech)  SPE8EC20D0054  Material Handling
 ADS, Inc (Mfr: Signal Power)  SPE8EC20D0051  Portable Power Equipment
 Caterpillar, Inc.  SPE8EC19D0034  Portable Power Equipment
 Clark Equipment (dba Doosan Portable Power)  SPE8EC19D0036  Portable Power Equipment
 Kohler Company  SPE8EC20D0056  Portable Power Equipment
 SupplyCore (Mfr: Nat’l Solar Technologies)  SPE8EC20D0062  Portable Power Equipment
 M-B Companies  SPE8EC19D0037  Snow Removal Equipment
 Oshkosh Airport Products  SPE8EC18D0004  Snow Removal Equipment
 Trius Inc  SPE8EC21D0072  Snow Removal Equipment
 US Eco Products (Mfr: RPM Tech)  SPE8EC19D0030  Snow Removal Equipment
 Atlantic Machinery  SPE8EC17D0011  Sweepers & Scrubbers
Blastrac dba Cyclone Technology  SPE8EC20D0063  Sweepers & Scrubbers
 Maryland Industrial Trucks (Mfrs: Elgin Sweeper & Vactor Mfg.)  SPE8EC19D0032  Sweepers & Scrubbers
 Minuteman International  SPE8EC18D0017  Sweepers & Scrubbers
 Nilfisk Advance  SPE8EC21D0084  Sweepers & Scrubbers
 Sewer Equipment of America  SPE8EC18D0019  Sweepers & Scrubbers
 SupplyCore (Mfr: Bonnell Industries)  SPE8EC21D0082  Sweepers & Scrubbers
 Tennant S&S Company  SPE8EC18D0018  Sweepers & Scrubbers
 TYMCO, Inc.  SPE8EC18D0001  Sweepers & Scrubbers
 West-Mark (Mfrs: West-Mark and Hi-Vac)  SPE8EC18D0009  Sweepers & Scrubbers
 ADS, Inc. (Mfr: Ledwell & Sons)  SPE8EC19D0042  Trucks and Trailers
 Altec Industries  SPE8EC18D0021  Trucks and Trailers
 Federal Contracts Corp (Mfr: Felling Trailers and Demco)  SPE8EC19D0040  Trucks and Trailers
 Garsite/Progress LLC  SPE8EC17D0005  Trucks and Trailers
 Globe Trailers  SPE8EC19D0039  Trucks and Trailers
 Hoist Material Handling  SPE8EC19D0038  Trucks and Trailers
 Kipper Tool (Mfr: Atlas Copco)  SPE8EC17D0019  Trucks and Trailers
 Landoll Corp  SPE8EC18D0014  Trucks and Trailers
 Mack Defense  SPE8EC18D0015  Trucks and Trailers
 Maryland Industrial Trucks (Mfr: Scranton New Way Mfg.)  SPE8EC19D0043  Trucks and Trailers
 Navistar Defense  SPE8EC20D0057  Trucks and Trailers
 Skymark Refuelers, LLC  SPE8EC21D0077  Trucks and Trailers
 Truck Country of Wisconsin (Mfr: Freightliner)  SPE8EC20D0053  Trucks and Trailers
 West-Mark (Mfrs: West-Mark, Kaufman, Advanced Metalworking and Interstate Trailers)  SPE8EC18D0006  Trucks and Trailers