End of Fiscal Year Notice

- MIPR Modifications/Return of Funds Deadline 14 AUG 2020

- Order Receipt Deadline 04 SEPT 2020

- FY20 Direct Fund Cite Letters Receipt Deadline 11 SEPT 2020

- FY20 Funding Receipt Deadline 18 SEPT 2020

Current Customer Information Resources

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DD448 (MIPR) instructions for TLS purchases

GT&C/G-Invoicing: To get started, contact: CEGTC@dla.mil

Troop Support Construction and Equipment spec ops, marine, lifesaving


Special Operational Equipment (SOE)

The Construction and Equipment supply chain has logistics solutions for marine lifesaving and diving equipment, tactical gear, safety equipment, search and rescue equipment, personal protection gear, flight deck and flight crew safety items, and explosive ordnance equipment.

The Special Operational Equipment tailored logistics support program enables customers to order commercial, off-the-shelf part numbered items within the scope of the contract. Since multiple vendors are solicited for prices, customers benefit from a competitive business model that will ensure best value for the customer. SOE Registration and Ordering Process Details