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The First Destination Transportation and Packaging Initiative (FDTPI) supports the 2010-2017 Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) Strategic Plan to leverage industry capabilities, and realize process excellence by balancing efficiency and effectiveness. FDTPI is an enterprise-wide initiative to reduce acquisition costs for eligible procurements and gain other efficiencies by leveraging the government’s negotiating clout and inherent economies of scale within targeted supply chains. Currently, FDTPI targets primarily Class IX material as well as some Class IV and VII materials. Aviation, Construction and Equipment, Industrial Hardware, Land and Maritime are the supply chains participating in FDTPI at the present time.

The FDTPI project entails the implementation of transportation and packaging concepts approved by DLA leadership that will transform the DLA business model in the manner in which supplies are transported and packaged. First destination shipments from suppliers to DLA include transportation and military standard (MIL-STD) packaging costs which are “bundled” into the acquisition price of the materiel, obscuring the real cost of the products. FDTPI will unbundle first-destination freight (FDT) and packaging (FDP) costs from the acquisition price of new-procurement materiel and utilize government personnel or contracted services to provide freight and/or MIL-STD packaging more efficiently than is possible by many DLA suppliers.

FDTPI is one of DLA’s “Big Ideas” designed to generate substantial savings over the five-year Fiscal Year Defense Plan.

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    Transportation OverviewGraphic of thin arrow line used as a subject divider

    Contractor Shipping Just Got Easier

    First Destination Transportation (FDT), the movement of material from suppliers to the first military depot or direct to military customer, is about to change from FOB destination to FOB origin. Slated to begin with solicitations and awards in late October 2013, FDT requires the removal of transportation related cost from contractor bids. Contractors need only be concerned with quoting the associated costs of manufacturing their products. Products affected by the October roll out will be those labeled as Class IX consumables and some Class IV and VII materials to CONUS destinations. Supply Chains included in the FDT initiative are: Aviation, Land and Maritime, Construction and Equipment, and Industrial Hardware.

    Geography will no longer play a part in DLA contractor opportunities to be competitive bidders. The drawdown of troops from Afghanistan signals a reduction of necessary parts and supplies to our troops. Contractors who utilize this change in transportation terms and find additional avenues for cutting cost will find their reward in additional business opportunities.

    In these uncertain budgetary times, DLA is challenged to decrease costs at the same time as we are also challenged with increasing support to our troops, in both the U.S. and abroad. Taking control of our Supply Chain allows for better in transit visibility (ITV), improves receiving dock productivity, and reduces safety stock requirements. ITV offers opportunities to consolidate. Loading fewer, fuller trucks increases our effectiveness and reduces our carbon footprint.

    Before you submit that competitive bid (minus the cost of transportation), you will need to Log In and subscribe to our Vendor Shipment Module (VSM). VSM is the vehicle by which you will notify our transportation team experts that your shipment is ready for pick up. No matter the size or weight, VSM will assess the information you provide, assign the carrier best suited for the shipment and notify you of the carrier choice. At that time, VSM will allow you to access your own contract information in order to print a commercial bill of lading, military shipping labels, packing slip, address labels and small parcel carrier labels. For VSM registration and instruction, please click on the link below. A Help Desk is available and can be reached by email at delivery@dla.mil or by phone Mon-Fri 0600-1730 Eastern Time at 800 456-5507.

    Will you be ready for October 2013? Now is the time to register for VSM:  https://vsm.distribution.dla.mil
    Watch for solicitations with freight terms, FOB Origin and don’t forget to sharpen your pencil!

    Become Registered as a Carrier for the Government

    Instruction for a transportation company to become registered as a carrier for the government is provided here:
    Military Surface Deployment and Distribution Command Freight Carrier Registration Program (FCRP).

    First Destination Transportation Updates

    Processing Shipments in Vendor Shipment Module (VSM)

    Transportation Contract Clauses

    FDT Program Shipments Originating Outside the Contiguous United States
    FOB Origin Government Arranged Transportion 



    Packaging OverviewGraphic of thin arrow line used as a subject divider

    DLA has traditionally purchased many items in military packaging. When military packaging is required, vendors incur costs and lead time when applying MIL-STD packaging. Meeting MIL-STD packaging requirements can be particularly challenging for smaller businesses resulting in some businesses refusing to do business directly with DLA. These higher costs translate into higher acquisition prices for DLA and its customers.

    The FDP program will expand the acceptance of the commercial packaging standard developed by the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) known as ASTM D3951 for inbound new-procurement shipments and for outbound shipments to CONUS customers. ASTM D3951 is already the standard for Direct Vendor Deliveries (DVDs) to DLA CONUS customers and has proven adequate for most general storage circumstances. Certain shipments and materials will still be required to be packaged in accordance with MIL-STD 2073-1D. Labeling and marking requirements will be unchanged by the FDP program.

    Any material purchased into a DLA depot in commercial packaging which is to be shipped to a location requiring MIL-STD 2073-1D packaging will be converted to that standard by the DLA depot personnel prior to shipment.



    FDTPI ImplementationGraphic of thin arrow line used as a subject divider

    FDTPI will be implemented in two phases: FDP (Packaging) is scheduled to be implemented in March 2013. New procurement contracts for eligible items will have language specifying commercial packaging in accordance with ASTM D3951 after that date. FDT (Transportation) will be implemented in October 2013. The implementations will encompass participating purchases and any CONUS DLA depot which receives new procurement material from participating supply chains.

    Conversion of long-term contracts will be addressed on a case-by-case basis. Where feasible and it makes financial sense, long-terms contracts will be converted to this program, when possible. However, due to the protracted contracting process for long-term contracts, some eligible items may still be shipped by vendors under the old programs after the implementation dates. As those contracts expire and are replaced, those items will gradually be incorporated into the FDT and FDP programs.



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     VSM Process Flow

     First Destination Transportation (FDT), Vendor Shipment Module (VSM) Process Flow Chart for DLA Suppliers

     19 DEC 2013



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