DLA Land and Maritime Supplier Conference & Exhibition

  • DLA Land and Maritime Supplier Conference & Exposition was a two-day event hosted by the National Defense Industrial Association (NDIA) and DLA Land and Maritime to provide a forum for current and potential vendors to discuss future logistics support strategies, challenges and to streamline efforts to better support the Warfighter. The conference was in Columbus, Ohio at the Greater Columbus Convention Center, April 6-7, 2022.

  • Photos from the event can be viewed in our special Supplier Conference gallery.

Land and Maritime Applications

​DLA Land and Maritime maintains a suite of publicly accessible applications, many of which are are particularly helpful in both Supply Chain Management (SCM) and Diminishing Manufacturing Sources and Material Shortages (DMSMS) and obsolescence issues.  These include MilSpecs and Drawing Search, QML and QPL Listings, QML and QPL Part Search, Standard Microcircuit Cross-Reference tool, and Standard Microcircuit Drawings, among others. 

NOTE: These applications are CAC Enabled

TKO Program

The Training Knowledge and Opportunities program is designed for potential suppliers familiarization of the process involved in doing business with Defense Logistics Agency Land and Maritime. Training is held year-round and at this time is being offered virtually.

Virtual TKO Seminars and Webinars are collective and/or individual sessions that teach vendors how to START doing business with DLA. Vendors learn how to find open solicitations, how to submit a quote through the DLA Internet Bid Board System (DIBBS), and the procedures for viewing/downloading drawings. There will also be many other relevant topics of discussion. These courses are designed for dealers, distributors, and manufacturers, but NOT a company that provides "services." All sessions are held virtually and free of charge. 

Note: In-person classes are on hold due to COVID-19 safety protocols. 

Document Control

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DLA Land and Maritime Document Standardization Division serves as a Preparing Activity or technical agent for thousands of standardization documents covering a wide variety of electronic components and other items. Our engineers and technicians coordinate and prepare technical documents in 70 Federal Supply Classes, and provide engineering support to DoD customers using these documents.

Electronic commodities covered include passive components, electromechanical components, connectors and sockets, semiconductors, microcircuits, wire and cable, and fiber optics.

Hardware commodities covered include hoses, fittings, vehicle and engine components, pumps, pipe, tubing, and powered and nonpowered valves.

You can download electronic copies of specifications, standards, handbooks, drawings, and commercial item descriptions. 

Military Specifications (MilSpec)

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This web site contains documents and MilSpec drawings for which DLA Land and Maritime is a technical agent or Preparing Activity (PA). Other documents not under DLA Land and Maritime purview can be ordered from DLA Document Services  (Some non-DLA Land and Maritime documents are available in electronic format from other web sites. See our list of other sites .)

To determine whether DLA Land and Maritime is an agent or PA for a document, refer to the DoD Index of Specifications and Standards (DoDISS), also available from DAPS.

Or if you are looking for an updated version of a document, check the last page of the old copy. If DLA-ES or DLA-CC is listed as an agent or Preparing Activity in the Concluding material section, then the document should be available from this web site. (There will be some exceptions, due to reassignment of certain FSCs.)

Parts Search

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The Qualification Part Search is provided as a means of searching qualification data of several specifications that DLA Land and Maritime-VQ manages. The data provided in this search is being updated as changes occur and may contain information not reflected in the present hard copy version. Your search will always return the latest information.

QML/QPL listings

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This master Qualified Manufacturers List (QML)/Qualified Product List (QPL) index lists all of the specifications for which DLA Land and Maritime-VQ maintains qualification data.

Qualification and listing in a QPL, QML, or QBL is the process by which products are obtained from manufacturers or distributors, examined and tested for compliance with specification requirements, or manufacturers or potential offerors, are provided an opportunity to demonstrate their abilities to meet the standards specified for qualification. The names of successful products, manufacturers, or potential offerors are included on lists evidencing their status. Generally, qualification is performed in advance and independently of any specific acquisition action. After qualification, the products, manufacturers, or potential offerors are included in a Federal or Military QPL, QML, or QBL. (See 9.202(a)(2) with regard to any product, manufacturer, or potential offeror not yet included on an applicable list.)

DLA SMCR Listing

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Standard Microcircuit Cross-Reference (SMCR) search provides a cross-reference of microcircuits covered by Standard Microcircuit Drawings, MIL-M-38510 specifications and Vendor Item Drawings.

RHA Statistics for SMD Devices

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Land and Maritime Radiation Hardness Assurance (RHA) statistics and Standard Microcircuit Drawings (SMD) devices for space applications including satellites and launch vehicles. Search for RHA devices, vendors, drawings and dice. 

Sourcing and Qualifications 

The Sourcing and Qualifications Division is organized into four (4) Branches each assigned management responsibility for different technologies. DLA Land and Maritime-VQC handles primarily microelectronics; DLA Land and Maritime-VQH is assigned responsibility to manage hybrid microcircuits; DLA Land and Maritime-VQP primarily is assigned responsibility to manage passive electronic and construction items and DLA Land and Maritime-VQE is assigned responsibility for semiconductors, printed wiring boards, and electron tubes.

These Branches manage over 225 Qualification Listings in 15 Federal Supply Groups (FSGs) and in more than 40 Federal Stock Classes (FSCs). We annually review and perform disposition over 10,500 technical evaluations consisting of test reports, qualifications, retentions, and design changes. The branches also perform over 300 facility and line audits to determine compliance with the qualification requirements, verify product performance, quality and reliability, assist in interpreting technical specifications, and determining manufacturing capabilities.

Specification Search

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The DLA Land and Maritime Specification Finder is a search tool to help you find standardization documents by selecting device characteristics. If you require certain performance features but do not know which documents meet your needs, the DLA Land and Maritime Specification Finder will help you narrow your search to a few candidate documents.

Qualified Products Search

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The Qualified Products Database (QPD) provides a repository for all qualified products and sources relevant to a governing specification.

All parts and sources are relative to a pertinent governing specification. A specification must not be canceled and it must require qualification before a Qualified Parts List (QPL) can exist in QPD. If the need for qualification on a given specification is canceled or if the specification itself is canceled, no QPL can be created. If a QPL did exist previously, it is archived and is no longer searchable. There is also a possibility that if a specification is active and if qualification is also required, no QPL has yet been published.

If no result is found based on a government designation search, that product may not have been published, it may have been removed from the QPD, the specification may no longer require qualification, or the specification may have been canceled. Where a manufacturer designation search does not yield the expected result, these same reasons may apply. Additionally, when unable to locate a manufacturer product, if the source (manufacturer, distributor, or plant) does not exist, or if that source has been removed from the QPD, no such part will be found. Consider also that while a part designation itself may be valid, if the part does not require qualification, that part will not be cataloged in QPD.

More information can be found in the FAQ .

Kitting Support

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Kitting Support provides updated information on kitting opportunities at DLA Land and Maritime, including access to available Land System kits and a breakdown of available kit NSNs for end item/weapon system applications.

DLA desires to be the preferred provider of kitting solutions for the Military Services and other customers. Our engagement strategy encompasses both customer and supplier relationships when formulating kitting recommendations.

The DLA kitting program fully supports customer needs through the use of automated, seamless, integrated systems that transform customer requirements into tangible, executable and measurable solutions.

Our kitting capability includes collaborative and consultative efforts which provide a value-added, flexible, responsive service to our customers. We provide visibility of existing kits, kitting components and capabilities, to enhance collaboration among all stakeholders.

Other Applications

The applications below are used frequently by DLA Land and Maritime customers and suppliers. Most links point to an external site and DLA Land and Maritime has no authority for maintenance, access issues or outages. If you have any issues with any of the applications listed below, please contact our Customer Interaction Center (CIC) at 1-877-DLA-CALL.

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