Customer Focused Metric (CFM) charts are created and updated monthly for over 60 weapon systems (airframes, engines, and missiles). CFM data is targeted to a specific Weapon System Designator Code (WSDC), or group of related WSDCs, for customer Department of Defense Activity Address Codes (DoDAACs) that are selected by the service’s Program Management Office.

If you’re looking for a quick 13-month trend of what’s going on in DLA with your weapon system then this chart fits the bill.  This data is a good lead-in to any briefing related to an entire platform (such as the F-18) or specific models (F/A-18A-D, F/A-18EF, or EA-18G).

This quad chart provides an overview of the monthly order volume, material availability percentage, total backorders, and Issue Priority Group (IPG) 1 backorders compared to the material availability goal and backorder reduction goal.  Breakouts are provided to show the overall weapons system, operational customers, depot/industrial customers, and overall/IPG 1 backorders greater than 180 days old.

You can readily identify at a glance the improving or declining support trends. Backup data can be provided by the DLA weapon system program manager for any areas (NSNs and DoDAACs) that may need further details.

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