DLA Aviation Acquisition Notices (DAANs) Archive

Last Revised: September 14, 2018


DAAN-09-04  First Article Testing (Government)

DAAN-09-04 May 2017

DAAN-09-04 Sept 2016

DAAN-09-05  First Article Testing (Contractor)

DAAN-09-05 May 2017

DAAN-09-05 Sept 2016

DAAN-13-01 Evaluation and Award for Acquisitions Below the Simplified  Acquisition Threshold

DAAN-13-01 Dec 2017

DAAN-13-01 Jan 2017

DAAN-13-01 Sept 2016

DAAN-13-01 (ALT I)  Evaluation and Award for Acquisitions Below the Simplified Acquisition Threshold (Alternate I)

DAAN-13-01 (ALT I) Sept 2016

DAAN-13-03  Master Solicitation without Additional Clauses

DAAN-13-03 Jan 2017

DAAN-13-03 Oct 2016

DAAN-13-04  Master Solicitation with Additional Clauses

DAAN-13-04 Jan 2017

DAAN-13-04 Oct 2016

DAAN-15-01  Evaluation and Award for Acquisitions Above the Simplified Acquisition Threshold

DAAN 15-01 Jan 2017

DAAN-15-01 Sept 2016

DAAN-46-01  Production Lot Testing (PLT) Government

DAAN-46-01 May 2017

DAAN-46-01 Sept 2016

DAAN-46-02  Production Lot Testing (PLT) Contractor

DAAN-46-02 June 2017 

DAAN-46-02 May 2017

DAAN-46-02 Sept 2016

DAAN-46-03 Requests for Variance (RFV) for Parachute Items

DAAN-46-03 Sept 2018

DAAN-46-03 Aug 2018

DAAN-47-01 Transportation Account Codes (TACs) for FOB Origin Vendor Shipments

DAAN-47-02 Carrier Tracking Information in WAWF

DAAN-47-02 July 2018

DAAN-47-02 April 2018

DAAN-48-01Notice of Value Engineering Payments

DAAN-48-02 Production with Value Engineering Change Proposals (VECP)

DAAN-48-03 Production without Value Engineering Change Proposals (VECP)

DAAN-48-04 Partial Production Using Value Engineering Change Proposal (VECP)