National Recycling Sales

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Scrap and Salvage Recycling Sales (SSR)

Sales Contracting Officers (SCO)

Comm  (269)961-4922  DSN 661-4922

Comm  (269)961-7231  DSN 661-7231

IFB 16-6049 Final (16 Feb 2016)

Unofficial Bid Abstract IFB 16-6049

Electronic Recycling Sales (E-Recycle)

 Primary Sales Contracting Officer (SCO)
Comm  (269)961-5993     DSN 661-5993

 Electronic Recycling (E-Recycling) Term Sale Contract East Region (IFB 15-0200)

Electronic Recycling (E-Recycling) Term Sale Contract East Region. Technical Requirements

Electronic Recycling (E-Recycling) Term Sale Contract West Region (IFB 15-0300)

Electronic Recycling (E-Recycling) Term Sale Contract West Region, Technical Requirements

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Range Residue CDD

Primary Sales Contracting Officer (SCO)
Comm (269)961-5749  DSN 661-5749

A0003802 Published Auction Anniston

A0005660 Published Auction Tucson

A0005285 Aluminum Scrap, Range Residue DEMIL Required

A0005286Unseg range residue(Published)


A0005659  Range Residue Ft. Bragg(Published)

AUCTION A0005531 Range Residue, Fort Polk(Published)

A0007598 Tucson CDD Unofficial Bid Abstract


Ship Dismantling, DEMIL and Recycling

Primary Sales Contracting Officer (SCO)

Comm  (269)961-5081  DSN 661-5081

Comm  (269)961-5146  DSN 661-5146

Ex-Hawkes (FFG 53); Ex-Stephan W Groves (FFG 29); Ex-Grand Rapids (PG 98); Ex-Barry (DD 933)



Note: RFTP 15-0288 responses must be a complete package and cannot reference documents in the previous RFTP 14-0239


CONTRACT 99-4001-0004 DATA

Redacted data is being withheld citing FOIA exemption 5 U.S.C. § 552 (b) (4) Protection of "trade secrets and commercial or financial information obtained from a person that is privileged or confidential."

Contract 15-5601-0001 DATA

Seller Indirect Costs Public

Audited Financials FYE 9-30-11 DOD Surplus LLC

DOD Audited Financial Statements - September 2009

1309-1136331 DOD Surplus LLC 13-12

DOD 9302014 Financials

DOD Surplus (SV) Audited Financial Statements FY 2007 & 2006