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Data Services Online

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Data Services Online (DSO) is a web-based e-commerce site that allows customers to shop and order our products and services online. DSO offers convenient and personalized features including agency storefronts, program catalogs, simplified funding process, print job preview, and personalized products.


This is a clickable image for Pub LogPublic Logistics Data (PUB LOG) is a Logistics Information Services downloadable product intended for use by public entities requiring National Stock Number (NSN) information and other cataloging information including Federal Supply Classification (FSC) data and Commercial and Government Entity (CAGE) codes. PUB LOG is transitioning to a free downloadable product.  Beginning 1 Jan 2020 this interactive product will be available for free download from the Federal Logistics Information Services (FLIS) Data Electronic Reading Room. Updated files will be available for download on the first business day of each month.  PUB LOG downloads require no subscription or Common Access Card (CAC) authorization

Purchase Card

The PCOLS suite of applications was decommissioned on December 31, 2018. There is no longer any help desk support being provided regarding PCOLS.If you have Government Purchase Card (GPC) questions please contact your local GPC office/Contracting office for direction on the new applications being used to support GPC activities

Wide Area Workflow

This is a clickable image for PIEEWide Area Workflow (WAWF) is a secure Web-based system for electronic submission and processing of receiving reports and invoices in order to support DoD's goal of moving to a paperless acquisition process


This is a clickable image for MEDALSMilitary Engineering Data Asset Locator System (MEDALS) is an interactive on-line system that is accessed globally and indicates quickly and easily where engineering drawings or documents reside

Hazardous Material (HMIRS)

This is a clickable image for HMIRS Hazardous Materials Information Resource System (HMIRS) Next Generation (NextGen) is a Department of Defense (DOD) automated system developed and maintained by the Defense Logistics Agency. HMIRS NextGen is the authoritative source for Safety Data Sheets (SDS) for the United States Government military services and civil agencies, per DODI 6050.05. It also contains Government unique value-added information input by the service/agency focal points. This value-added data includes HAZCOM warning labels and transportation information. The system assists Federal Government personnel who handle, store, transport, use, or dispose of hazardous materials.


This is a clickable image of CAGECommercial and Government Entity (CAGE) Code is a unique identifier assigned to suppliers to various government or defense agencies, as well as to government agencies themselves and also various organizations. CAGE codes provide a standardized method of identifying a given facility at a specific location

DLA Map Catalog

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DLA Map Catalog provides quality and innovative geospatial product logistics data.  DLA Map Catalog support, and technical assistance to all military services and federal government agencies.  DLA Map Catalog allows customers to order Aeronautical, Digital, Hydrographical, and Topographical products needed for mission planning and navigation.       

PUB LOG H-Series

This is a clickable image for Pub Log H-SeriesPublic Logistics Data (PUB LOG) H-Series is part of the PUB LOG downloadable product. It consists of six Supply Handbook Publications; H2 Federal supply classification, H3 DOD Ammunition codes, H4/H8 CAGE codes, H5 Corporate complex data, H6 Item Name Directory.


This is a clickable image for FedmallFederal Mall (FedMall) is an eCommerce ordering system for DOD, Federal, State, and authorized local Agencies to search for and acquire products from government reserves and commercial sources. Buyers will have access to tens of millions of individual items of supply, from centrally managed DOD and General Service Administration (GSA) assets to commercial off-the-shelf products.


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Federal Logistics Data on Mobile Media (FED LOG) A product tool to retrieve management, part/reference number, supplier, Commercial and Government Entity (CAGE), freight, Interchangeability and Substitutability (I&S) and characteristics information recorded against National Stock Numbers (NSN). FED LOG also provides service unique data for additional search capabilities.

System Access Request

DoD has mandated that all personnel who access DoD systems must use PKI for all private web-enabled applications.

The following web applications now require a DoD-approved PKI or External Certificate Authority (ECA) certificate to access: DoDAAD, LMARS, Logistics Reports, MILSINQ, WEBBRIDGE, WEBSDR, WEBVLIPS, EDAASINQ, and WEBREQ.

To learn who to contact to obtain a DoD-approved certificate click here

To gain access to certain applications linked to this website, users may be required to supply personal information about themselves. The following Privacy Act Statement describes our authority for collecting personal data, how we will use your data, and what will happen if you do not supply all the data requested.
Link to Privacy Act Statement


DAMES DAMES is a PC based software package that provides a means to input requisitions into the DoD Logistics pipeline and receive status transactions back along with the capability to transmit/receive narrative traffic. Users may use the fill in the blank forms or import data/messages through a Utilities menu.
DDN Provides a means to send transactions using the SFTP protocol. The user creates ASCII files and pushes them to Transaction Services via SFTP binary mode. Transaction Services will push response files via the same method. PKI (Public Key Infrastructure) authentication is also available.
DIELOG/SMTP Provides a means to send and receive transactions via the SMTP (email) protocol. Intended for very low volume users.
** CAC required **
Authorized ONLY for Service/Agency Central Service Points (CSPs) or those designated by CSPs. Provides real-time CSP DoDAAD updates. Ensures Transaction Services real-time validations and eliminates erroneous data. Ensures automated file synchronization process and eliminates reconciliations. Provides easy addition of DoD Component unique data elements. Provides Component applications near real-time access to authoritative source data. If you only require query capability please submit EDAASINQ SAR.
DSG DAAS Single Gateway (DSG) – EDI Account provides access for Transaction Services customers to apply for both automated machine-to-machine accounts (passive/restricted/CITRIX) and for personal user accounts. The DAAS Single Gateway (DSG) user accounts provide access to a web query page used to track and verify the status of EDI transactions submitted by Transaction Services customers. Access to this page is limited to DLA ICP personnel working for either the STORES or DMLSS Prime Vendor Help Desks. Roles and permissions are set within DSG by Transaction Services eBusiness administrators to limit access for each individual account to only data/transactions directly related to their DoD customers and prime vendors.
** CAC required **
DAASINQ provides information on Communication Routing Identifiers (COMMRI), Distribution Codes, DoD Activity
** CAC required **
DLA Transaction Services Web Fund Code application provides access for changes to the Defense Logistics Management System (DLMS), and revisions for Standard Financial Information Structure (SFIS) (Supply/Finance). Application functionality provides identifying SFIS data elements to be included in DLMS logistics transactions to support associated billing.
GEX Global Exchange (GEX) provides access for Defense Automatic Addressing System (DAAS) customers to apply for automated machine-to-machine accounts.  Roles and permissions are set within GEX by DAAS eBusiness administrators to limit access for each account to only data/transactions directly related to their DoD customers and prime vendors.   To proceed, you must have an agreement or MOU with DAAS GEX, and have been directed to this page by a DAAS GEX administrator.  If you do not have an agreement/MOU please contact to initiate the agreement process for GEX access and/or further instructions.

Note: GEX was formerly known as Defense eBusiness Exchange (DEBX).
** CAC required **
The LDG provides a data warehouse environment that is optimized for informational and analytical processing of the Transaction Services-managed data. The LDG enables the user to analyze data, create reports, track requisitions, monitor trends, and project future needs based on the true demands of the customer. The LDG provides easy web access to the current and historical data that flows through the Transaction Services and provides this data in an integrated fashion.
** CAC required **
The Logistics Metrics Analysis Reporting System/Customer Wait Time (LMARS/CWT) at Transaction Services maintains logistics pipeline information for all wholesale items. LMARS/CWT is populated with information from the MILSTRIP and MILSTRAP transactions that flow through Transaction Services. LMARS/CWT reports response time within any of the 12 nodes of the logistics pipeline. All reporting time frames are in terms of days. LMARS/CWT maintains data from its inception, February 1997. Standard reports are available (via the web also) on a monthly basis.
** CAC required **
Transaction Services Logistics Reports, including Priority Designators, LIDS, MILSBILLS, MILSTEP, LMARS and Publications.
The Military Assistance Program Address Directory (MAPAD) contains the address of country representatives, freight forwarders and customers-within-country required for releasing Foreign Military Sales (FMS) and Military Assistance Program (MAP) Grant Aid shipments, and addresses required for forwarding of related documentation. The system provides real-time updates and replication data feeds to ensure automated file synchronization and eliminates the need for reconciliation.
** CAC required **
The MILSBILLS INQUIRY (MILSINQ) provides both local and remote users the capability to interrogate/display Interfund Bills (MILSBILLS) and Materiel Obligation Validation (MOV) batches and generate retransmittal requests on-line.
Machine-to-machine account owners have restricted permissions based upon the particular application. Accounts may be restricted to "read only" access (pull) or "read/write" access (pull/push). File contents and file naming conventions are application specific. PKI (Public Key Infrastructure) authentication is available.
It is very important that you include who your DLA Transaction Services Point of Contact is in the SAR Reason. Failure to include the POC will result in a delay of processing your request. You must also include a specific reason for submitting the SAR.
** Agreement Required
Web-based system to system interface to LOTS, a transaction tracking system for current, open transactions and completed transactions for up to 60 days after closure. Enables government computer systems to received tailored feeds of specific requisitions or excesses for the entire life cycle of the transaction. Data is available from all services, agencies, ICPs, depots and vendors.
** CAC required **
Web-based requisitioning system (WEBREQ). Provides customers with access to the World Wide Web a means to input materiel requisitions into Transaction Services directly via the Web and receive status transactions via the same method.
** CAC required **
The DoD Web Supply Discrepancy Reporting (SDR) system will provide a web-based entry method for SDRs, routing for web submissions and logistics transactions according to business rules, any-to-any translation to support unique and standard transaction formats, information exchange between the action office and the shipper, SDR resolution responses, capture of SDR and response management statistics and assimilation of SDR metrics along with Customer Wait Time/Logistics Response Time in support of perfect order fulfillment. This process reduces manual SDR form creation and provides an automated process for tracking SDR response information.
This SAR will also allow an account on WEBVLIPS and DAASINQ. Please logon onto these systems every 30 days.
** CAC required **
Web-based transaction tracking system for current, open transactions and completed transactions for up to 60 days after closure. Enables customers to track their requisitions or excesses through the entire life cycle. Has data from all services, agencies, ICPs, depots and vendors.