DLA Land at Aberdeen

The Aberdeen Proving Ground is located 23 miles northeast of Baltimore, just off of the Chesapeake Bay. It is one of the world’s most important research, development, testing and evaluation facilities for military weapons and equipment.

Deputy Director: Allison Scannell. 

  • Main Phone:  (410) 278-2464, (410) 278-7572 DSN 312-298-7572
  • Housing:  (410) 306-2002/2011/2003, DSN 312-458-2011
  • Child care:  (410) 278-7479/7571, DSN 312-298-7479
  • Schools:  (410) 278-2857, DSN 312-298-2857
  • Temporary lodging:  (410) 278-5148/5149/4374, DSN 312-298-5148
  • Health care:  (410) 278-5475, DSN 312-298-5475
  • Commissary number:  (410) 278-3101, DSN 312-298-3101
  • Exchange number:  (410) 272-6828, DSN 312-298-0264

For more information about DLA Land at Aberdeen, please contact us at commercial phone number: 443-861-4529.


The mission of the DLA Land at Aberdeen is to provide comprehensive acquisition business solutions that support America’s War Fighters.

DLA Land at Aberdeen plans, solicits, evaluates, negotiates, awards and administers contracts to support new purchase of depot level reparable items. DLA Land at Aberdeen’s acquisition is accomplished by contracting with industry within regulatory and statutory constraints established by the Department of Defense and Congress. The nature of these purchases consists of a wide gamut of products and services from batteries to state-of-the-art electronic sensors, night vision equipment, highly sophisticated satellite communications, command and control systems, and many types of software.